Perma green or Z-Spray LTS??


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Central Indiana
Which one? Controls on Perma Green look confusing, but it seems that the people that have them love them. Experience with either? Give me your thoughts, likes and dislikes!


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I use a magnum most of the time but have a triumph for larger properties on the truck also. They are both great once you get used to using them. The triumph is very tough to use on sloped and smaller properties, it will wear you out if all your lawns are 10k and under and have a ton of trim. I can cut the time in half on larger 80-100k plus properties with it though so it has its place. Smaller properties (25k and under) go with a used magnum, light, basic, easy to maintain and gets the job done.


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I’ve put over 1400 hours on an Exmark spreader/sprayer (same as the ZSpray LTS) and will never buy anything else. Easy to maintain and make small repairs on
I have one, and am amazed how well built it is. The agitation puts it way ahead of anything else in that category. the floodjets are limiting for some products but i love mine Still. I also have a z max which allows me to use smaller droplet nozzles and high volumes, but for a small LTS the Exmark was an A+ purchase.

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