Perma Green spreader rack

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by laswn747, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. laswn747

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    Anyone have any ideas.. I would like to use or make a hitch mounted rack to put my permagreen ride on spreader and a lesco spreader on. We use GMC 2500 HD pickup trucks. Have a B&B rack on know, and have also been stopped by State Police for license plate!
  2. RigglePLC

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    The dual-tube type rack is much stronger. Make sure the tubes are long enough to be strong. They are bolted underneath the two main steel frame members. Rust is a problem--steel gets rusty quick if fert gets on it. Mine, (now sold) was made by welding and trailer hitch company. See my pics. It also disassembeled with 4 bolts in about 10 minutes for easy removal and storage by one person. The two-tube type is difficult to remove intact sometimes--a slight angle or skew happens--and the lift truck cannot remove it. Be sure to include anti-hopout bars so you don't lose your PG. Tiedowns and chains are good. Taillights and reflectors also good. License plate bracket...??
  3. laswn747

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    Thanks Riggle. the license plate bracket cant be attached to the rack because it is not attached or a part of the truck.
  4. GreenI.A.

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    I have never heard of a cop giving a guy a problem for ataching his plate to the PG rack.

    I have heard just the oposite, plenty of guys get ticketted because their PG blocks the plate or taillights. I know one guy that gave the statie a problem on the high way, the statie would not let him drive off with his lights blocked. He had to wait on the side of the highway for his budy to come with a trailer for the PG

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    I think that having your tail lights blocked is not a good idea. on my carrier the left one is blocked some what but you can see the right one. I plan on putting lights on my carrier. the little oval ones.I Never got stopped buy the police.

    Charles Cue
  6. americanlawn

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    In our State, if you do not exceed 48 inches behind the truck, one is NOT required to install lights, etc on a carrier rack. Our T3000 units are transported everyday on "dual receiver" carrier racks (very much stronger/safer than single receivers). They measure 47 inches, so we avoid local DOT restrictions. Our racks are also positioned so they do not block truck taillights/brake lights. Our 2 cents. :usflag::canadaflag:
  7. GreenI.A.

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    from straight behind you can see his lights but when you are at any type of angle the PG blocks the taillight on the oposite side so you cant see the blinker. It was a simple fix of just throwing a cheep set of trailer lights on it. He reported one of his plates as lost, so the RVM sent him a new plate which he mounted on the carrier so that he wouldn't have to keep switching the plate from the truck to the carrior

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