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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PaulJ, Dec 8, 2002.

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    I got a video from perma green the other day. now I want one. but I want every new piece of equipment I see:D

    If I had lots of fert accounts and lots of $$ I would get one of these. They did have somehting very interesting at the end of the video. It is a spray add on for puch spreaders. It used the same pump/nozzels as the rideon unit but with battery power and a couple one gallon tanks. this looked like an affordable option. A way to spread fert and spray in one pass without the expence of a ride on unit. I would like to start with this and work up to the ride on one.

    What do you all think??

    How well does the low volume sprayers work???
    Is there much drift?? is it very unforgiving with over lap and rate or speed?? with that high consentration of chemical I'm sure great care must be taken. would there be too much room for error with a push spreader to make this safe???

    I guess I still don't fully understand the low volume spray consept:dizzy: forgive me.

    This time of year I find myself with alot of time to think and one of the things I think about is efficiencey and how I can improve mine.

    thanks for bearing with me
  2. Runner

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    Can you imagine what it would feel like PUSHing a spreader with 75# of dry fert. AND 5 gallons of liquid sloshing around and swaying in the tank? No thank you. I'll pull a hose, and/or spread granular. Now, with a POWER unit, such as the PG, that's a whole different story! Now you're talking production!
  3. KLR

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    we have a couple of ride-on machines and on every push spresder we have perma greens spray tank attached. ours are older, i think the newer ones have changed some. ours are 3 gallon tanks, they spray about a 7 ft wide patern and we get 24k sq ft out of the 3 gallons. they supply 2 batteries per unit. so one stays plugged int cigarette lighter while the other one is working.

    i was concerned about the added weight when we first got them. #1- i was worried about applicator's wrist, forearms getting wearry.
    #2- i was worried about the lesco spreaders we have them on getting stressed and frame cracking.

    niether has been a problem. I would highly recommend them. definately a time saver. allows you the benifit of appling a granular fert while getting good weed control with liquid.

    cost us $350 per unit then, not sure if price has changed much.

    I'd say go for it, it will make you more productive, which makes you more $$$
  4. ant

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    didowith klm.
  5. PaulJ

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    That sounds promising KLR.

    The video I saw had a 1gallon tank on each side of the spreader(like saddle bags).
    It said it used the same pump as the ride-on so it would use the same spray concentrarion/rate.
    Have you had any problems using the low volume/high concentrateion spray. What are the controls like?
    I asked my lesco dealer about this and he didn't seem to know much. He just cationed against the low volume/high concentrateion. Didn't specify any problems.

    My expierience with dealers lately has been ,if they dodn't know they try to convice you against something.
  6. KLR

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    the one down side of the units we have is that they are mounted on the front of the spreader. it can be a problem if the fert hopper is close to empty and the 3 gallon tank is close to fill, spreader gets a little off balance (if Mrs Jones come out to talk to you, you got to be sure your spreader won't flip over before you walk away from it)

    what you discribe sounds like an improvement with 2 one gallon tanks mounted on the sides (i assume each tank feeds its own jet nozzle?)

    as far as low volume, high concentration mix. don't worry about it. remember, its active ingredient that kills weeds. if your using 1.5 oz of product per 1000sf, doesnt matter much if its mixed in 4 gals of water, 2 gals water or i quart of water.

    back in the old days, we used to use 4 gals of water per 1000sf. when the cost of water started to become an issue and when the wear and tear of trucks from carrying so much weight, the industry went to 2 gals of water per 1000sf. the old timers, like my self, felt we would surely do some damage now that we were using a more concentrated mix. but, all was fine.

    our units give us 8000sf coverage per gal. as long as you keep movin your gonna be fine. our units have a toggle switch mounted up at the handlebar. so, you can 'blanket' if need be by just holding the switch, or spot treat as needed. we're pleased with ours.

    now, our ride-ons are also older, i know changes have been made. ours have 8 gallon tanks that will treat 64k sf. the same 8k per 1 gal. i know the newer ones only get half the sq footage. i called perma green, talked to Tom (owner) asked why they changed (i was curious, like you, if folks were havin problems with the higher concentration) he assured me that there were no problems, but many are nervous about the higher concentration, so he now offers a bit lower concentration.

    order the unit, you'll be glad you did.
  7. It will use the same mixture of chemical, "once you calibrate" them to match.

    I have the PG unit, and have built my own units.
  8. All you have to do is change the spray tips. $13 worth of parts and you can do it yourself.

    The pump has a 1gpm open flow rating.

    Unless they put a much larger pump on which I doubt they did, you're not going to get more than about 35oz "M" out of the pump.
  9. greenngrow

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    If you have a bunch of accounts the Pg is well worth the cost.

    I bought mine this past summer and it is has been a life saver for me. Only have used the PG on the liquid apps. The snow got me before I could start the fall fertilizer round. Looks like I will be able to get it started this week.
  10. KLR

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    please educate me......what is PG???

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