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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PaulJ, Dec 8, 2002.

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    Perma Green
  2. KLR

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    ahh, don't I feel foolish??
    yep, we got 2
    PG=perma green ,duh!
    thanks pal
  3. HBFOXJr

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    When we used liquid fert years ago we were at 1.5 gal/K of total solution. That was an N_P_K fert with Lesco 3 way. No problems.

    With the PG we done a lot of acres at 1pt/K with no problem for weed control.

    I also have a spreader mounted unit and when I first got that we cut back on 3way from the suggested 1.1 or .2 to 1.5 appl down to .75-1.o oz/k during warm, active weather and got good control. Especially with a sticker spreader.

    Even some insecticides work well at low volume.

    Disadvantage of LV is with fungicides and small weeds down in the turf. They gotta be poking there heads up at turf level to get hit. Still it hasn't been a "problem".

    For fungicides I change to 20K nozzles AND double cover the lawn. My fung of choice is Scotts Fluid Fung 2. It is a low volume product to begin with compared to some flowables of 6-8 oz/k of milkshake like material. That can provide poumpability problems if you don't use enough water. Thorough tissue coverage can be important with some fungicides.

    So far, no phytotoxicity problems with low volume anything.
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    I have a perma green ride-on spreader that I 've owned for the last three years. It helps me do a lot more lawns than I could ever walk. It's alot of work to keep it on the lawn i.e. broken belts and pulleys and the robin engine stinks. I worked for a lawn service that had the add-on spray tank attachted to the spreader. It was exhausting and I would never add it to any of my walk behinds. I would buy another ride-on even with the problems.
  5. HBFOXJr

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    What stinks on the Robin engine. Mine is usually a one pull start and burns zero oil. I have another on a seldom used piece of equipment and it is good too even sitting long times between uses.

    Now that I have some hundreds of hours on the PG I think a preventive maintenance program of replacing belts every year or 200 hrs which ever comes first is a good idea. Same with spinner, hopper bushings and agitator. Pulleys can probably go longer into the 250-400 hr range. The parts are inexpensive and the fert enviroment is nasty, nasty.

    I'm gonna strip my drive and spread components off and replace with new this winter. Cables and lever stuff is OK. just the stuff that moves and rotates a lot.

    My walkbehind 3 gal unit is on a Lesco gas power WB spreader. The motor and drive never get tired.
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    We have two perma greens. And they do save a tremendous amount of time. We do some larger work but when you factor in the time to move larger equipment it's almost not worth it. We have two pickup trucks. Each with the caddy for the PG on the back. We have a 100 poly nurse tank (for momentum/3 way/confront) in the front of the pickup bed ($200.00 max to buy tank) with a 12v small pump that connects up to our hotline at our trailer plug at the back of the truck. Right behind that we throw in a skid of fert. Put the caddy on the back ( You can buy that with the PG) and off you go, no trailer needed. On a good day, if your not foolin around we can do 1,000,000 square feet, about 23 acres with one PG. If your runnin' Momentum w/ say a 24-5-11 your cost would be around $50/acre. Charge $110. - $140. and you could bank ...... by yourself ..........$1,380-$2,070 a day!

    The 100 gallon nurse tank will run you equal to one skid of granular if you have to spray everything.

    It's a wonderful machine, no problems with it, and it's a big labor saver!

    Hope this helps.

  7. masterpiece1

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    Well I must have just gotten a lemon, they even have them in the car market. We have no one in a 80 mile range that will even service a Robin engine. Don't get me wrong the pg is much better than pulling hoses and pushing fertilizer by hand. My pg only has just over 300 hrs. on it and it breaks all the time, I have the bills to prove it. I maintance it regulary according to pg specs.
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    If I were you I would talk to PG about that one. I met the owner at the turf Expo in Louisville and he is a really nice guy and would work with you on that one. Hey, ask him for a new one flat out. Tell him you'll ship that one to him for a new one. We have about the same hours on our and no real problems.
  9. Tony Harrell

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    I just got my P-G video yesterday. It looks like a really great machine. What's a ballpark on the cost? Also, what's a ballpark on the saddle tanks for the push spreader?
  10. etwman

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    Tony -

    I don't have the records here in front of me but I think it was around $4000. I will tell you this it has changed our whole outlook on weed control. Before dragging that hose around was rediculous and tiring. Now it's like a walk in the park. You'll be able to get this $ back pretty quick. I know of a guy on his own that does a half a million with it in sales a year, just him by himself! One truck, one man, one ride on.

    As far as the saddle tanks for the push spreader, no sure. Check with Lesco. That's where we got out PG

    Good luck

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