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Perma-green spreaders

Jim Gaudioso

LawnSite Member
Hopewell, NJ
Hey guys, please give me your opinions with regard to the perma-green's weed control performance. specificaly is this unit good on weed control? Is this unit ideal for large lawns 1-3 acres? Would I be better off with a ride on unit from turftracker? Can I use my regular broadleaf herbicide with ease? thanks a lot jim g.

Kent Lawns

LawnSite Senior Member
I answered part of this question in an earlier post.
As far as comparing the Perma-Green unit to a C&S Turf Tracker, you're comparing a $4,000 machine to a $13,000 machine.
~Still, I'd rather work with a Perma-Green unit for MOST applications. Granted, if you're doing open soccer fields, the Turf Tracker is going to be a better unit. But the kind of work WE do (Condos, apartments, business parks, commercial, home lawns) you're better off with the Ride-On.
~Most weed problems are near the edges of a well-maintained lawn; A Perma-Green unit is going to allow you the most edge control, getting more lawn weeds while keeping your herbicide out of the landscape beds.