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Perma Green Unveils New Model At GIE

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements' started by Sean Adams, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. Sean Adams

    Sean Adams LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,597

    Perma Green Supreme unveils the all new Ride-On MAGNUM Spreader Sprayer for 2005

    Valparaiso, IN – Nov 3, 2004 – Perma Green Supreme, Inc. will introduce the next generation of their flagship product, the all new 2005 Ride-On Magnum Spreader Sprayer, at the Green Industry Exposition in Charlotte, NC, November 3-6.

    As the world’s leading manufacturer of spreader sprayers, Perma Green developed the MAGNUM from years of testing, feedback, and their proven track record. New features include a Honda engine with built-in wet clutch and a heavy-duty transmission, as well as, a 150 lb. capacity hopper and 12-gallon spray tank. The MAGNUM also sports a larger 2 GPM pump and an improved spreader mechanism for easier and more reliable calibration and product control.

    Several enhancements have also been made for safety and style. The 100 percent stainless steel frame is laser-cut and precision stamped, and all plastic components have been custom-designed by Perma Green to provide better protection of the internal components while adding a profiled and professional appearance.

    Tom Jessen, President of Perma Green Supreme and Ride-On inventor, regards the MAGNUM as his greatest achievement to date. “The MAGNUM has truly taken the spreader sprayer concept to the next level. We redesigned the Ride-On from the ground up to ensure that every component was the strongest and most reliable it could be. It’s everything you want and nothing that you don’t; the strongest power train and larger capacities, with no electrical, hydraulic or boom systems. That means no headaches. This is rock-solid American engineering that you can rely on - all day - every day.”

    To celebrate the introduction of the MAGNUM, Perma Green is giving away an all-expenses-paid getaway to Hawaii, as well as, a brand new 2005 MAGNUM. Turf care professionals can register online at www.permagreen.com

    The MAGNUM can apply granular fertilizer and liquid herbicide simultaneously, which eliminates a second trip over the lawn with a hose or a backpack sprayer. Front-mounted broadcast nozzles provide two regulated spray widths, 11 feet for broadcast application and 3 feet for trimming. With a set of nozzles for each forward gear, the operator is assured of the exact application rate (a Perma Green exclusive feature). At 5 mph in high gear, the MAGNUM can cover 3,000 square feet per minute, and a typical acre can be treated in fewer than 20 minutes, including filling time. For rugged terrain or smaller lawns, the handle bar and hand controls lower to waist-level so the operator can safely walk behind the unit (another Perma Green exclusive feature). At 3.5 mph in low gear, these areas can be accurately treated at 2,000 square feet per minute.

    Common causes of operator fatigue, such as pushing a spreader or pulling a hose, are virtually eliminated. Hillsides and uneven terrain are easily maneuvered due to the low center of gravity and articulating steering designed into the MAGNUM.

    In 25 years of operation, Perma Green Supreme, Inc. has manufactured and patented several inventions for the use in the Green Industry. The Ride-On Spreader Sprayer series began in 1995, and has evolved to become the most popular spreader sprayer in the world. Famous for its unique and intuitive design, the Ride-On is user-friendly, compact and lightweight, and is versatile enough to treat small and large areas, alike.

    The 2005 MAGNUM is available from Perma Green direct and from dealers nationwide. An InfoPak is available by contacting Perma Green on the web or by phone.

    For information: http://www.permagreen.com or
    Contact: sales@permagreen.com
    Phone: (800) 346-2001
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