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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by meets1, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. meets1

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    I have a one and it works well for me. Just wondering though how you guys go about handling your liquid apps? I take chemical along and mix with some water that I have or use the home owners garden hose. I don't really like that method. I do have a 500 gallon tank that fits in the back of pickup that I could use but should I just fill it with water and use a pump and battery to pump water to the PG or should I pre-mix the entire tank?

    I like the tank with water idea and mix as I go but that also takes time, chemical in the back of truck etc vs pre-mix the entire amount but then I do need to mix the chemical differently in 500 gallons than I do within my 8 gallon PG tank??

    Fall is coming and I would like to iron out a better system of liquid apps.
  2. profigala

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    i have a 280 gal tank, i mix at 1 oz/gal then carry the rest of the chem in the truck, that way i can just fill up the backpack sprayer from the tank, and it saves 12 oz per fill which adds up considering i can go through a little over 150 gallons a day. but i also have a second tank in the truck for special apps that goes through the same pump and hose, so the 1 oz/per gal wont cause any serious contamination when switching tanks.
  3. EJK2352

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    I have 2-35 gallon tanks with just water in them. I prefer to mix as I go vs. having 70 of pre-mixed chemicals. Sometimes I need to mix a backpack with an insecticide or fungicide. Having my tanks with water only works out great when the homeowner has no outside water. You also need to provide some type of back-flow preventer if you are going to use your customers garden hose.
  4. Runner

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    I keep my 3 way jugs and use them for water. Filled all the way up, each one holds 3 gal... They are FAST to fill the PG, and easy to handle. They stay right in the back of the truck to fill, - I just pull the lids off as I go, so while a jug is filling, the next lid gets taken off, and the last one filled gets put back on. Works great. Do NOT fill your tank from a homeowners garden hose! This is a direct violation of law.Though it is a smaller tank, with smaller commodity, the same law applies.

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    when i started i used 5 gal gas cans for water then i used a 100 gal tank but now i use a 55 gal drum and that holds plenty of water for the day i have a ele pump setup works great i only mix as i go
  6. meets1

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    When I fill the PG tank - that I fill from a garden hose - then back to truck to mix chemical in. I do carry a few 5 galllon jugs of water but to me that is a hassel filling all them all the time - sometimes I can go through all the water carry which is probably around 125 - 150 gallons of 5's in the back of truck.
  7. Rlclawnguy

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    Yeah, we also mix as we go. We carry 2 50 gal. tanks with an electric pump to fill the machines. It would be a little faster to pre mix, however you should have aggitation. Also it is nice to have some clean water to rinse your hands off.
  8. ATVracer

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    I tried to PM you but it would not work. Nice to see someone on here nearby.
  9. turf hokie

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    I mix as I go. I use a 50 gal sprayer in the back of my box truck for water. I picked it up used for $200 so I converted it into my water tank. I might find a better way to use up less space next year.
  10. profigala

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    whats up, wont work for me either

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