Permagreen and Liquid Fungicides?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by standeruser, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. standeruser

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    Hi all, I was hoping someone who has a Permagreen could let me know if they have ever tried to apply Liquid Fungicides with a Permagreen.My Guess would be no, because the GPM. Any input would be Appreciated. Oh i don't have a Perma green yet but am seriously concidering it.Thanks
  2. tremor

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    I have several customers who tried running Banner through the P'Green based on the logic that being an EC it would spray properly. It did spray. But at very low volume, it doesn't control disease very well.
  3. Runner

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    It may work if you do it like we do manage for nutsedge. We mix it and spray it on full volume but at low ground speed.
  4. standeruser

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    Thanks Guys.
  5. MrBarefoot

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  6. Runner

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    That Eagle just seems to be a great all around fungicide. I've had great luck with it many of times (never sprayed with PG). My problem is, is that the stuff lasts me so long, I'll probably have this bottle for years.
  7. Grandview

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    To increase coverage use larger nozzles or narrow your pattern. Most fungicides require 20 plus gals/acres to work. Some fungicides are not systemic and coverage matters.

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    cut the rate and do 2 passes aramada works in it

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