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    Live and learn. My Permagreen Ultra has about 1000 hours. Throttle sticky sometimes idles too fast. I ordered new springs, three altogether. Still problems so i ordered a new carb, (47 dollars). Bill at Permagreen sent it and it arrived in 20 hours. Delighted. He also sent (as requested) diagram and photo of how to hook up springs. Photocopy of photos was a little fuzzy. I installed new carb and it ran great in 40 minutes. But sometimes idled to fast. Took a few photos. Needed 5/16 and 3/8 nutdrivers.

    However there was a spring left over. It is very small, the coiled part is about a quarter inch long with straight paperclip-like wire coming off one end. From the diagram he sent, I suspect it may be the governor idle spring. And the diagram mentions how you should bend the governor idle spring tang to obtain 1750 rpm. Where is this "spring tang" and does the spring hook to the tang? If not where?
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    i thought the idle was adjusted with the screw on the side of the carb
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    Right JB,
    thanks for your reply, but I thought that screw on the side of the carb was a mixture adjustment, until I discovered it was an idle adjustment last month.

    However the written literature seems to indicate the screw should be used to adjust the idle to 1500 rpm--WHILE holding the throttle crank tight against the screw. When released it is supposed to idle at 1700. (If I understand it correctly.) I will tinker some more. It runs better with the new carb.
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    My PG Ultra is at my dads house, so I can't look at it right now. I had to do the same thing your doing. I need to look at it to respond with the right information. It may be easier if you PM me your phone number, and I can call you when I'm at the machine and try to explain things. I'm going out for the day, but I'll be back around 4:00 tonight or so. (Mabye, you know how that goes)
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    Bad edit aorry

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