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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by heritage, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. heritage

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    Most of you that started on a "Centuri" like I have, likely are still enjoying this fine tool.

    One "issue" I always had with this machine, is the inconsistant opening of the Slide Plate/Gate.

    Because of a cable that can slip if not kept tight, as well as a sloppy/play pivot point that connects to the Slide plate, the opening is hardly the same, each time you open the hopper.

    Well recovering from some surgery, I have extra time to I think.

    I had the Hopper off today so I could replace the Hopper Bushing as well as the Spinner Rubber, that needs to be changed annually, so the spinner does not slip on the shaft, and spin slower.....less spread width.

    So i'm looking and looking @ the slide plate, with the hopper upside down AND, the Light Bulb FINALLY goes off.......(Been thinking bout this for 4 years now)

    The 3 Nut/bolts that are adjusted to allow the slide to open/close with some drag, was the area to make it happen.

    Between the "Front Slot" i will custom fabricate with a fender washer just a tad thinner than thickness of the slide plate, some "Stops".

    Using the "Lesco" green plastic calibration tool, I will make 3 Stops that allow a #9 opening, and #11 Opening and a #13.

    They will be EASY to change out, using an allen wrench, and a socket. I am SURE they could be changed out in a 5 min or less timeframe :)

    The dial on the handle will be opened to a position like 6-8, and Regardless of Cable slack/tension/slide plate drag change, ect. ,the slide plate will open EXACT and Precise every time!!!!

    This is going to eliminate the only frustration issue I personally have with this spreader.

    Another "Project" I am working on is an "Optional" spray nozzle. It has a TeeJet body and uses the Dry Boom system. It is mounted to a 12" long PVC, that is drilled thru each end, and Mounted to the center top of the hopper with 2 Nylock Nuts, Bolts and flat washers.

    It can be removed in 2 minutes.

    It will be Plumbed to the Drain valve with a 1/4" NPT, and 3/8" shank.

    A Throttling valve will be mounted and plumbed thru the Return/Agitation line so I can adjust the nozzle pressure between 10-40 PSI's.

    The nozzle I will be using is a TeeJet TFW-12, and will give at least a 12 Foot Width spray @ that mounted Height.

    I will mess with different pressures on a 20K Sq Ft section of my back lawn, and see what I come up with.

    The idea with the wide single nozzle bolt on option, is some time savings and mabey some new ideas will follow, as I use this setup.

    One other thing I will work on, is plumbing in my 9 Gallon Grayson-Clark hopper tank I bought a while back, that I use for spraying ornamentals, a great distance from my vehicle......I was swapping out the Motor on my Echo 5 gal Backpack w/ agitation, and would not mind having 17 Gallons of spray for Broadleaf, by the flip of some 3 way ball valves.

    Hope you enjoyed some of my ideas :)

  2. grassguy_

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    from Ohio
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    I still have some centris as well and know what you mean about the slack with the cable and opening of the shoots. If you get some pics of what you will be doing to the plates on the bottom of the machine, i'd like to see how it works! we had adjusted the cable to go directly through the steel plate on the frame for one, so as to have a direct straight cable to shut the shoots off with, but it has still been a hassle to get to work correctly consistently. Still love the machines, though they have their problems once in a while, they have done an excellent job for us.
  3. heritage

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    Hello Grassguy,

    I will post some pics next week. Dr said no driveing yet, so will get the hardware next week. Some dremel work should do the trick to get proper fit/result, on the shut off design.

    Today I worked some on the 9 gal Gregson Clark "Drop In" tank, and attached my "Spare" sureflo 1 Gal Min/ 35PSI demand pump to it. Still waiting for some mail order parts so it will do what I want.

    I wired the pump so I can "Unplug" the pump mounted under the hopper, and just Plug in the "Drop In Tank" Pump (spliced in xtra wire using pump plug for quick change) in it's place and zip tie in seconds......Generator power has never let me down. :)

    The toggle switch (my spare) is also wired to the drop in pump, and can "Change Out" the existing switch by simply unscrewing the 2 nuts that hold in place on the perma greens handle.

    This also takes only 2 minutes or so. :)

    Insted of mounting the PVC that the nozzle is mounted, to the hopper, I will mount insted to the top edge of the Drop in tank itself, and seal with good marine silicone, so the tank won't leak when full.

    The tank is kept from sliding side to side in the hopper, with a "Spacer Box" to make a tight fit. 2 Bungee Cables go over the top, and hold the tank in place firmly.

    The nozzle mounted (TFW-12) to the tank top is adjusted so the spray band hits 24" in front of the spreader, while spraying stationary.

    At 35 psi (my throttling valve not in yet) through this nozzle, my width pattern on the ground is almost 16' Wide. I am pumping 80 Ounces a minute (2 gal every 3') through it. So I am thinking a good 12-13' wide spray pattern in "Real Time" spraying.

    Since I don't yet have the throttling valve/pressure guage hooked up yet, I can only say that when I throttled back the engine from 3,750 rpm's, gradually down to 2,500, (lower speed, less generator power output) did I notice what I think a good pressure will be, to cut back the drift in the center 8 foot area, and still get a nice wide pattern. My best guess is around 25 PSI's at the Nozzle. :)

    So this will be a great "Backup" system that I can drop in place in 10 Min or less AND will also use on the Big Open Lawns for Fall Broadleaf Blanket Apps for starters.

    It's cost effective as well, and VERY VERSITLE.

    I also ran the pump for a while on the Rechargeable Battery from my Sureflo Electric Backpack, which would make it a good drop in, on my Lesco Push hopper.....The intended purpose of this fine tank Gregson Clark Designed.

    At another time I will fill my 100 Gallon with water, and let the pump run on a fully charged battery, thru the nozzle, to see what's left in the tank before the battery dies. If it drains the 100, and still has juice, I will fill the 300 Gallon and see how far the fully re-charged battery will go on that volume of water.

    Real world testing is needed, before getting too excited about battery power.

  4. RigglePLC

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    Great ideas Pete. Get well soon. And I hope to see some pictures.
  5. heritage

    heritage LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks! :)

  6. grassguy_

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    from Ohio
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    Sounds great Pete! As the season winds down i'll probably get into some tearing down and revamping with the spray units here too. As for the locking differential, i havent heard of one, but gotta assume that Peerless would make one. Now whether it would be the same size and match up to the trannies now on the entris might be a whole different story. :)
  7. heritage

    heritage LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Today I ran the TFW nozzle with water for a "Real World" Battery test.

    Every 20 min of run time I stopped the pump for 5 min....cooling and such.

    I can't believe it but that Sureflow Backpack battery with a fresh charge pumped over 100 Gallons!!!! Wow I had no idea that were possable!

    So I have a new earned respect for battery power. Now I see why guys like Riggle, have swiched up to a deep cycle motorcycle battery :)

    So more parts will be coming in and will post some pic's next week.

    Also tried the tank in the lesco push with a full 9 gal, and though the coverage is AWESOME on a flat driveway.... no doubt when I pushed a tad in some thick 4" Blue/Rye/Fescue @ my house, I decided it would be a bear to do all day.

    Something propelled will be the ticket for this.


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