Permagreen constantly clogging

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by zspeed130, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. zspeed130

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    I will try to be brief and would appreciate any help on this.

    I run an older permagreen ultra and have for 2 years. I cleaned it out very very good this spring. (I have experienced the problem I will explain before). I ran momentum last week with Lesco surfactant and had no issue. I loaded it with three way and surfactant last week and let it sit because it started raining. I go to use it today and it clogged in 30 second. The left side screen looked awful. I cleaned it and went again...10 seconds maybe and it was plugged on the left side. The right side seemed to spray fine. The water coming out almost looks rusty. Any chance my pump is junk?

    I really need to figure this out it is driving me nuts. I experienced the problem last year a few times and it is maddening because the only way to get through an app is to stop every 3 seconds and clean the screens. Any ideas?

  2. zspeed130

    zspeed130 LawnSite Senior Member
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    OK so here is an update. I checked and the battery voltage was very low. Alternator only seems to be putting out around 7 volts so I will order a new one monday.

    I am still curious about the clogging. Here is what I remember from last year. The left nozzle seems to stop flowing long before the right if there is a pump/voltage issue. However the screens are still getting very clogged with the 3way.

    Any other help is appreciated!

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    Sounds like your surfactant has clogged up in the lines. Remove the nozzles and run the machine to empty the herbicide. Run some ammonia and water in there and let it sit in the lines. That should break it all up. You have to get rid of all the gunk in there or it's going to keep clogging.
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    I think kbrashears is right, but I will mention once on an ultra a ran a long time back, I had clogging,
    turned out the little strainer filter in the tank wore a hole right thru it from rubbing on the bottom of the tank or something, and it was sucking in all sorts of gunk
  5. RigglePLC

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    As I recall Momentum caused some major plugging problems for a time. Is the water cold? They changed the formula to Momentum FX. In theory--should cause no problems--in theory.
    Take a careful look into the tank. Clean it out and check the uptake filter carefully and clean it well. Pump out a few gallons without any nozzles into a fine screen or cloth and see how much of the solution gets caught trying to get through.Three way should cause no problems--then again--is it Trimec, Lesco Threeway Selective or a cheap off-brand?
    There is no alternator--charging voltage comes from the stator--which is energized by magnets inside the flywheel and a coil near the flywheel. As I recall, it should put out about 20 volts AC. The voltage regulator (if working) changes that to about 14.5 volts DC. Put a battery charger on any wire connceted to the plus side of the battery with the neg clamp connected to the frame for ground. Fully charged, the battery should read 13.2 volts; it will fade to 12.8 volts in a few hours
    Pump will work better on fully charged battery. Replace battery with a motor scooter battery if needed.

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