permagreen magnum


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Need advice from permagreen magnum owners . Bought a 2008 magnum last year with 13 hrs. Put down 9000 lbs of dry fertilizer with it last year just love it but havent had the guts to spray with it yet. Most of my spraying is done with a skid sprayer and a 3 point sprayer. Putting down a third of a gallon per thousand is not much water should i put a boom on it or not thx.


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No boom needed. Permagreen tested the set up many times. One third-gallon water still amounts to 14 gallons per acre. This is not unusual for crop spraying and aerial application. Practice with water a few times to get the hang of it. Calibrate carefully to be sure you are applying the full 1/3 gallon. Spray some cement to understand how wide you can spray and to get an idea of how even the coverage will be. You may wish to go slow, at first. After you spray--go back the next day or two to be sure you are getting good weed control.


You dont need a boom.

If you did they would have one on there.

You will get an awesome kill the way it is set up.