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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Harvestman, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Harvestman

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    Have any of you southern boys purchased one of these? I know the ultra gets a lot of bad press here, but I'm considering buying one of the new magnums. I'm also looking at the z-spray. It (z-spray) is about 200 lbs heaver then the permagreen also i'm concerned about the boom sprayer it looks cumbersome.And yes i did a search :) I'm looking for up to date info on the permagreen. Thanks Harvestman
  2. ForeverGreen

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    Harvest, just thinking about the same post as its time to think spring in Ohio (right)? I was hoping to find someone with at least 50 hours on this machine for the comments.I always hear of these machines being shipped to the southwest so should be some experience out there.
  3. E-9 Lawncare

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    I'm looking for some reviews on the Magnum as well. I sent an e-mail to Tom Rich because I was concerned with the boom, and he responded by saying that you tell them how you want it, they will build it...
  4. ForeverGreen

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    E-9 LT Rich told me the same thing at the Columbus Oh show last Dec, any combination of engines tanks booms that you wanted they would build.I believe its "what ever it takes" and thats not all bad these days. They really want the business. FG
  5. Russ

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  6. morturf

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    Have to say......if you get a PG and u have hills be prepaired to run. All the ones I have seen around here are chasing them and I am riding. It is awesome in the tight spots. Get the one that suits ya, ride them both first.
  7. smoke johnson

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  8. qps

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    Magnum??? don't know....Centri ride one with 200 hrs....biggest waste of time and money on a piece of equipment, if you buy one budget for all the repair parts and trips to your shrink for the "bad things" the voices in your head will be telling you to do when the thing breaks down every other time you use it...z-spray....demo one last one on order for Feb.
  9. mwallingford

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    I like my PG. I have had it for over 3 years now.... Just have to get it fixed noe that my guy lost it and the carrier last month.... :angry: :angry:

    Hey Marty how has it been going..... Good to see you again.... :rolleyes: LOL

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