Permagreen or skid sprayer to start out?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Grnt324, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Grnt324

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    I have been mowing and now am looking into moving to spraying. I got my materials and am looking to start next season. I am part time only but as I get older I am trying to mow less. I am also solo. I already have good backpack sprayers and a lesson push spreader 80lb.

    The question is, with no spraying customers at the moment and only 25 lawn customers (remember I am part time and have turned down at least 20 this year without marketing), what equipment to start?

    1. Do I just use the backpacks and spreader until I get bigger. I buy a spreader mate type system and do that and the backpack plus spreader until bigger.

    3. Do I buy a skid sprayer and run that with my backpacks and spreader.

    4.Do i buy a permagreen (2017) model with 15hrs on it from someone I know. Currently he wants $6500 but I possibly could get him down to 6k.

    5. Other suggestions

  2. Marine03112

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    First off you can get a new toro from a dealer for 8900. You will have to look hard but it can be done. But if all you can come up with I’d 6k then the permagreen is the way to go.
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    First off, what size lawns, on avg, will you be treating?
    If nothing but postage stamps (less than 3 k), you can skid/backpack/spreader them just fine.
    If quarter acre lawns or larger, start right out with a ride on, learn how to use it, calibrate it, and your are off. I can pull up to a 10k sq ft lawn, fill out all paperwork, treat lawn, and blow down in 15-18 minutes and gone with a ride on. Sounds nice, huh.....
  4. Grnt324

    Grnt324 LawnSite Member
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    I was thinking about something. If I have a skid sprayer but still use the backpack at times do you fill the back pack sprayer up from the skid sprayer. It seems the rate would be different. i have a 25 gallon atv sprayer that I am thinking about removing the pump on and putting it on a 50 gallon tank i have that i got for free and using it as a nurse tank for that purpose. Just trying to see if that is the way to go or do you just use the skid sprayer to fill up. Most will be smaller lawns, 6k and less, at least to start out.

  5. ETM

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    I’m gonna be training my son next yr but he will start out pulling a hose. So he will appreciate the rideon. IMO rideon is a no brainer.
  6. Marine03112

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    Darn tooting. Give him the pain first then the privilege to use the T. How all use old timers started pulling a hose. Pushing a spreader. Don’t miss those times at all
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  7. ETM

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    Yea I don’t even feel like I’m working most of the time. To easy
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  8. Mike NY

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    I'm questioning the business model.
    If you don't have time to do the work that is coming in now, when are you going to have time to do any additional work?
    Big expense to get properly licence and insured for chems.
    not to mention the learning curve for proper applications and identifying problems.
    No customers yet."If you build it, they will come."? Doesn't sound like a good investment yet. R.O.I.?
    Otherwise, to answer your question, Ride on all the way.
  9. That Guy Gary

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    If you aren't interested in spraying trees and shrubs I'd go straight for the ride on.

    Dragging a hose sucks but you can treat a lot more than just lawns with a skid. Trees and shrubs, planter beds, etc.
  10. Grnt324

    Grnt324 LawnSite Member
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    Maybe you didnt read the post all the way. I said I am trying to mow less thats why i have turned down lawns this season. Never said I didnt have time for them. It is actually cheap to get licensed here in Oklahoma. I also have 25 mowing customers, several who have asked me if i spray so i feel i can immediately pick up 5 to 10 of them right away. I have a few people I know that already said they would have me spray if i start doing thatbas well. I would be happy with 20 spraying customers for next year just to get started. As I add more lawns I would start mowing less lawns also. I bought a mower, weedeater and other equipment before I had lawn accounts. It would not be a good business model to start marketing for spraying and not even have equipment or licensing yet.


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