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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by SpudsM15, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. SpudsM15

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    I just got a new PG Magnum, Doing the first round of applications, Dimension+fert, Lime, and spraying three way. This is the first time using the PG and actually spraying Three way. PG worked fine the first day. Hosed it off and sprayed everything out of the tank. Day two the sprayer valve started to stick and remain stuck on. So Pulled off the gaurds and hosed out everything good(lime seems to get everywhere) put a lil oil on the valve to lube up the little area that makes contact. Still the valve sticks. I mean it is hard to move by hand. So I took it off cleaned off the seals and ran a little water on them. Valve still sticks. I was wondering if you need lube the seals up with anything? manual doesn't say anything about this. I'm assuming you need to flush out the spray system everynight? I've pretty much only used backpack sprayers to this point and never have had aproblem with momentum or octane, manage gunking up the sprayer seals. Even if I left mix over night or longer. Lesco rep didn't say anything about flushing out the system everynight nor did manual. :confused:
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    You probably got a defective valve. It should be covered under warranty.
  3. SpudsM15

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    I clean up the seals and put a little pjelly on them. I think the valve was assembled to tight making the seals stick.
    Also the three way seems to have gunked up a little bit from the first day when I did not flush it. I noticed after fixing up the main valve that the high low rate selector valves are sticking a little bit.
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    Do you mean the valve on the top of the tank? Ask for a new one. If not I suggest disassemble and use silicone grease. It is used to mount tires sometimes. Very slippery, expensive, but it is not attacked by water or gasoline or solvent and it is good up to 400 degrees.

    I almost never clean or rinse my Ultra. It still works.
  5. SpudsM15

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    The selector valves seem to be sticking a little bit now. But the main problem was the main valve that the lever connects to on the handle.
  6. Yaunt2

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    I just replaced my valve couple of months ago. I had the same problem. New valve came with spring, so now I run two springs. Yes, it makes control a little stiff, but I never have a problem with valve sticking.

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