Permagreen Rechargable Sprayer for Lesco Push Spreaders

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mr Efficiency, May 24, 2017.

  1. Mr Efficiency

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    I posted the other day about this Permagreen recharable Sprayer on a kinda of on topic forum but wanted to start one just for this Permagreen Rechargable Sprayer. I ordered one of the Rechargable spray units from Permagreen and it came fast last week.

    It is 2.5 gallon 1/4 Gal/1,000 rechargable sparyer that is easy to install, 4 clamps attached to tank and hold on to the lip of the spreader and then you remove 3 screws on the gear box and attach the sprayer nozzle bracket and attach wires and hoses to the Spreader frame.
    Came with a new Spreader cover and has a spray wand. It has a push button on off, press down and hold button and pump is on. Great for spot spraying also.

    I played around with it spraying one tank water, it works great. Will definitely save time doing areas Only Once I have no access to with the Triumphs.
    I didn't know till today you can order them from Site One Supply Locations also.
    Few picts of it. IMG_20170521_101311411.jpg

    One quick pass on hot paver area to show the low volume low drift spray width.

    Water was evaporating quick on hot pavers so went over area a few times to show Sprayer width better with just water.

    A Breakthru Agiator in the hopper.:weightlifter:
  2. Scott's Lawn Maintenance

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  3. OP
    Mr Efficiency

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    $647.00 + shipping from Permagreen
  4. David1970

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    I know this is an old thread but I am considering getting these for employees on granular rounds so they can spot spray when needed or blanket spray new clients...
    How does it hold up to all day use?
    Can a technician handle a full load of fert and liquid without unreasonably over exerting himself?
    Is it top heavy? How is stability on hills?
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  5. Sean Far-View

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    I don't know about this one specifically, but I have a similar drop in spray tank from Gregson-Clark. It works great in my ride on spreader, but I don't like it for the walk behind. It holds 9 gallons of water, which is no joke to push up a hill at a consistent speed.
  6. OP
    Mr Efficiency

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    I have had mine and used it for over a year.
    It does work good, holds 2.5 gal and sprays .25 gal / 1,000 sqft.
    It isn't too top heavy on hills but can be on the one side if a very steep slope with little material in the hopper and tank full.
    Since it does sit down in the hopper it doesn't add much weight since it takes up a little space where materials would be.
    It is definitely a time saver.
  7. Marine03112

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    I had the older model from back in the day where the tank was on the front. Worked great. I am sure this one is outstanding.

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