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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by chevyflan, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. chevyflan

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    from iowa
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    have a 2008 permagreen magnum was spreading fertilizer today and transmission stopped working the belt pully still turns going into tranny but wont move
  2. RigglePLC

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    This does not sound good. But check for the easy and cheap defects first. Make sure the belt is tight and not slipping. Make sure the pulley has not started slipping on the tranny shaft--tighten set screws etc. Same on motor shaft. Is this problem the same in low gear, high gear, reverse? Take a look at the shifter linkage where it connects to the shifter arm that comes out of the tranny. Broke? Does it move the transmission shifter arm? Try to shift it with a wrench. Do the wheels move like its in neutral? Have you ever checked the oil level in the transmission? Does it leak oil? Does it whine or make a grinding noise?

    I think Pemagreen uses Peerless lawn mower transmissions. New one is abut $700. Not difficult to replace--30 minute job. I had a PG Ultra. Remove wheels, remove linkage, remove four mounting bolts.
    A good lawn mower shop should be able to help you; perhaps even fix you up with a slightly used tranny.
    My ideas--others will chime in.
  3. chevyflan

    chevyflan LawnSite Member
    from iowa
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    everything works as it should jacked one side up put in forward wheel turns grab on to it and it stops same as in reverse only has 165 hrs. on it

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