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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by weedmaster, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. weedmaster

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    I am considering buying a permagreen. I don't want the extra weight, size or purchase price of the z-spray. In talking with my friends who have them they don't use them unless the area is over 10,000 ft at least. They liken it to painting a wall with a roller you still have to cut in the yard with a backpack or hose. What is your experience as far as weed control along edges of drives sidewalks etc using these machines. How much control do you have. I only have 1 very large account I could really use it for and many 4500 sq ft yards and am trying to justify the $5000 expense. If you are using them on small yards have you experienced this problem around the edges.

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    if u mainly due small yards u will still have to cut in so why bother just use a backpac i have mainly big yards 10k and up so i use it all the time
  3. tennissippi

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    I use the spray bottle that comes with the PG to do trim work around A/C units and shrubs. Works great for me. I also make sure that my spray pattern overlaps sidwalks about 6". great for me. Excellent control. Only two call backs in two years.

    My personal recomendation...don't buy one if most of your lawns are 4,500 sq ft. I usually treat 1 to 30 acre properties so I have to have one. I use to spray most of my pre-emerge but I got sick of that B*LLSH*T quick. The PG tank just isn't large enough. Now I go to my local farm supply store and have everything custom blended on fertilizer.
  4. TSM

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    something to think about:
    PermaGreen also sells a 12volt battery powered spray tank that you attach to you push spreader. Will cost you around $350. Comes with 2 12 volt batteries. One stays plugged into the ciggarett lighter in your truck so its fully charged .

    We have several of them (ours are older and hold 3 gals., i believe the new ones hold 1 gal)

    With these units you get the efficentcy of spreading granular fert while spraying liquid weed control. You'll have the same issues as far as along edges of flower beds etc. But its a lot less $$ than the ride-on.

    Its the way I would go for 4500sf lawns
  5. get rich

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    I operate one (z-spray) on almost every lawn i do. They range from 3,000 sq. ft. to couple acre. No problem whats so ever with spraying right up to bed edges or sidewalks. Ain't killed anything but weeds with it. I just check my spray pattern on black top or gravel before spraying and then pay close attention. Works awsome for me. i feel more comfortable with mixing thirty gallons of spray per acre than the perm-a-burn, mixing what eight gallons and still supposed to cover almost an acre right?? sounds like a high risk water to chemical ratio.And i think it's big plus to have more horse power, mine has 18 horse kawi. Definetly get something ,cause time is money right? And less fatigue, means more production.:blob2: :angel:
  6. Tscape

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    I just bought a Z-spray. The drift control was one of the major selling points. Oh yeah, and it is a solid, well engineered piece of equipment. I don't think a perma-burn ( :laugh: ) stacks up for durability and ease of use. Can't wait to take delivery!
  7. scottt

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    As long as you mix at the correct rate there is no problem with the permagreen. If you can't read the label and don't know how to read numbers on your measuring cup, then you don't need to be doing this type of work. Having more horsepower does nothing but burn more gas and cost more money. I get by just fine with my 6.5hp motor. The one big advantage I see on the z-spray is the zero turn on small lawns. On larger areas I can't see any advantage until you move up to the larger z-spray which is made for a different type of property.
  8. scottt

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    I just checked the z-spray website and they come set from the factory to spray 3000 ft per gallon, the pg is set at 4000 per gallon. Looks like pg isn't the only one who thinks low volume works just fine. If you pay attention when you mix you'll be fine with either machine.
  9. ANDY-W

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    we have used both pg and z-sprays. our z-sprays use a 1/3 gallon per 1000. our pg used to use 1/8 to 1/4 per 1000. not shure what they use now. our z-spray at least has agitation and we have sprayed upto 1 1/2 gallon per 1000 with wetables. Hey turfscape, you will not be dissapointed.
  10. get rich

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    I do use the larger unit for my small lawns also. It has a three section boom. I just bring in the left and right boom and spray with just the middle section. It has a great set up for spraying small or large areas. Like i said my properties range from 3,000 s.q. f.t. and up. In and out. But i do know plenty who use perma's. And they all rave about em'. I know they work great for them too. Just pokin fun..... But i prefer more horse power, thats o.k. if it's more gas. That more horses has gotten me out trouble once or twice.( dog don't only chase mailmen) And thats my "paul harvey...good day" sales pitch. For those who know paul harvey

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