Permagreen spread pattern issues?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by goodsonkd, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. goodsonkd

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    Now everyone be honest..... how many of you have done a pan calibration test on your permagreen magnum? These spreaders have a problem.

    Has anyone had problems with streaking or inconsistent results with crabgrass or grub preventers? After pan calibration test of 3 different permagreen magnums there is a definite coverage isuue if you go 7' centers you are not getting enough material down on the left hand side of the machine.
  2. Jason Rose

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    Adjust using the 3rd hole shutoff, or using a plate on the 3rd hole to cover slightly to correct. Usually there's very little problem with the lesco spread pattern, other than visually it appears off. It it not enought on the left, or too much on the right? yeah, same difference... Open it up a little more, but close down the 3rd hole until your pattern is even.

    Easiest solution, and what I do to gurantee to streaks. Spread in a circle, start with the outside perimeter and just work in.
  3. goodsonkd

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    Please do a pan calibration test on your machine and you will be suprised at the results. The 3rd hole shut off does not work, the 3rd hole adjustment does nothing to equalize the balance of the pattern. It will cut down the flow of material to each zone in the pattern but cuts as much material from the left hand side of machine as it does from the right side.

    Using the circle pattern is a feasible solution but most of the stuff we do it's just not feasible to do in a circular pattern.

    The directions of 7' centers on how to use the machine in there manual will not work with the spread pattern of the machine!!!!! Mathematicly the machine with a 10 o'clock left side and a 4 o'clock right hand side spread pattern will not spread material properly on 7' centers. You get more material to the right hand side than the left even cutting off the 3rd hole completely.

    Pan calibrate any magnum or smart steer and you will find the machine is sub par at best.

    So many people I've talked to have the same issues with the machine....

    Is there any interested in a class action lawsuit against this company, If we all get together we can make it happen
  4. RigglePLC

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    I am satisfied with my Ultra Permagreen. Crabgrass control has been fine. I spread on eleven foot center to center swath. Usually in the circle pattern , but sometimes side to side. I have not done a pan test this year. Jason is right. I run with the left (3rd) hole all the way open and the right hole closed by about an eighth of an inch with the adjustment. Remember it is a Lesco hopper and it is essentially the same as all Lesco spreaders. Remember that the left hole adjusts the fert going to the right. The right hole adjusts fert going to the left. During very humid weather (lumpy fertilizer) I had to close off both left and right holes and just use the center hole opened up 2 more notches.

    Actually, I am more concered with the slight uneven pattern from the two spray nozzles. Sprayed on cement, it dries unevenly.
  5. Runner

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    I hve always used the counterclockwise circular method, and hav had perfect results all the time. I've always looked as it as...If it's not broke, don't fix it. Anything that works that well, I'm not going to mess with any setting just to be able to do row by row. If I have any narrower ares that need to be done to center, I'll do to passes with the throw narrowed.
    Rod, as far as the pray drying unevenly, the only time I get that is if the nozzles and screens need a bit of cleaning, I have a weak charge (stops after running it awhile) or just before the pump goes weak.
  6. goodsonkd

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    Sorry I just think a $7000 machine should work as specified!!!!!!!!! When they give you directions on how to use the machine in a manual, IT SHOULD WORK AS INSTRUCTED, IT DOES NOT!!!

    I have been on the phone with the supposed experts from the company. The guys do not even know how to do a pan calibration test on their own machines!! They had to get the manual out to read on how to do a pan calibration test on their own machines, that is sad.
  7. Jason Rose

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    I'm failing to understand why you are having such an issue with the PG. I know a half dozen++ other people here in my own town that have them and use them, most of them run theirs "up and back" rather than in a circle, and I don't see them having issues with the spread pattern. I *Highly* doubt that more than 1 in the 6 has done a pan calibration test too. I know I haven't. I've ran mine back and forth, and other than the time I got a bad batch of fertilizer, I've not had an issue with streaking either.
  8. mdlwn1

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    All spreaders are slightly uneven. With Lesco's you just go slighlty closer on the left to left.
  9. RigglePLC

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    I use ten paper plates for the pan test. Count the particles after you spread over the plates.
  10. turf&tree

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    Hey guys, I just wanted to chime in. I bought a new magnum smartsteer this past spring and am not seeing the same problems. However this thing is very hard to service. An I have had engine issues that I corrected after taking it to the "authorized" repair center. As far as the spray setup I hate the narrow spray, it seems really narrow. The other thing is if you brush against a shrub ot something in front it throws your spray pattern off because you have moved the nozzle. It also seems slow. I just bought a z-plug aerator from LT Rich and am very impressed with it. I will look at their sprayers very closely for the future.
    Just my opinion

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