Permagreen spread pattern issues?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by goodsonkd, Oct 15, 2009.

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    Funny story (not so at the time). I was new to my PG magnum, applied high iron fert to a 3 acre lawn at a 3 million dollar house, going back-and-forth pattern. Neighbors started commenting on the 'huge mower' that must have left those 20' wide 'stripes' in the lawn. haha. I now use the 'Nascar' method, roundy round to the left, and have no more striping problems.
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    Went with z-spray there is no comparison between the machine!! The intermediates we have are , the permagreens I USE to own are awful machines. There is not one thing about a permagreen that even compares slightly to the z spray machines even the triumph model. The z-sprays are far superior production machines.
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    Some folks cannot afford to drop $7K plus on a Z or T. I am in that boat. So, I bought a used Mag for less than 1/2 that price that will more than do the job for me. I can put up with a few quirks for $4k in savings. Bottom line, it will throw fert and kill weeds and that is all I ask of it.
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    I watched as my next door neighbors were treated by a major company that uses Permagreen Magnums. Crabgrass pre-emergent I suppose. Dimension as it was not yellow. They use vans and pull a small enclosed trailer for the Magnums. Only about 55 degrees and first mowing will come in a few days. They used the PGs for small lawns--about 6000 sqft each. Oddly, they sprayed weed killer on both, even though it is rather early for weeds, and neither lawn was weedy. Strong odor, so I am thinking it was an ester. Their guy used the square circle (racetrack ) pattern. I measured the tracks afterwards, and he used about a seven foot swath center to center.
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    I will be starting tomorrow. Been cool and wet but its time. I also use the pg but I spray broadleaf as well. Dandelons are coming.
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    Just curious if anyones has shelled out the extra bucks for a triumph with the centri one hole opening and if it has helped with pattern issues. I am looking at leaving my magnums for the new machine, however it is hard, i have enough spare parts to build another magnum and the triumph is a whole new animal. How many hours have you racked up on your triumphs and would you go back to the magnum if you could?
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    This is exactly what I do. the trick is to throw so your right hand discharge throws to the center of the last tracks. I get a PERFECT pattern everytime - no streaks or missed spots. On large open areas, I do my border with the side chute down (and 3rd hole closed), then reverse for a border spray. everything after that is spread and spray simultaneously. For tighter properties and/or more obstacles, I spread first, then reverse the pattern and go around clockwise spraying. This helps me to not get my tire tracks messed up and confused. I know right where every turn and row is.
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    Couldn't agree more. Have 6 Z's currently. Not cutting the PG, but Z's are the way to go :dancing:

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