Permagreen Spreader (waste Of Money?)


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dayton, ohio
Why blow $5k on this machine when you can buy a JRCO spreader and a 36" Wright Stander for bout the same price....

Its like buying a permagreen and getting a free mower with it.

Plus the WStander goes over 5mph.

Just seems like an incrdedible waste of money to me.

Envy Lawn Service

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North Carolina
Might have a point there.... :)

While on this subject area though, have you seen Lesco's Z-Two Spreader Sprayer? Nice but $7,500


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dayton, ohio
looking at the lesco spray/spreader.... for that price they should throw blades on it.


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Are the Jrco Spreader and Wright Stander stainless steel? IF not then as a spreader they are a waste. Second, I doubt that pulling a sprayer and spreading with a wright stander iis as fast as the Permagreen. I can spray and spread an acre residential lawn with my Permagreen in 15-20 minutes.


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Flint, Michigan
There is no compariso. If you even THINK you are going to get an accurate spread that is calibrated (with the 3 hole design) like the PG, then you are sadly mistaken. Besiodes, you can't really accurately spread anything over 5 mph , anyway.
Now, as far as the spraying goes,...Hyeah, right! This thing does NOT spray like a PG, the booms bounce all over, you can't see (unless you're looking BEHIND you where your spray edges are, and you CERTAINLY don't have the manueverability.
You are talking about two whole seperate creatures, here.


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Reading, PA
I agree with Joe. We have the new Magnum and there is no comparison! If you are serious about fert apps. then you need a PG or Zspray. No ifs, ands or buts. calibration is huge! and the add-on spreaders are not speed sensitive like the PG, so you will get uneven spread patterns and app. rates on an add-on.



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have u run a pg?
i tried all the add on spreaders they were slow
my pg's r fast and turn well and keep me on target all day long
i save fert by not over applying or going to slow
not to mention the professional look it gives my biz customers like nice equipment not some sanford and son junk bucket

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Muskegon, MI
I owned a Jrco for 4 years before buying a PG. There was a few reasons.

1st I got sick of converting the mower from a a a fert spreader.

Say I got back at 3pm on a friday..If I had to switch all the brackets from the vac to the spreader, then go out to fert, it just took too long.

2nd The manuverability. Plain and simple it sucks with a mower. Cant get into 36" gates either.

3rd The electric control sucked. You would get a burst when you first opened the hopper, then it would slow to the correct speed. Each time you adjusted the flow you would have to adjust the speed of the spinner.

Now with the PG I can get home at 3pm and be back out by 3:15 doing fert. The spray pattern is great. I no longer need my push spreader. And the spread pattern is great as well.