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  1. grisham866

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    how do u guys know what rpm ur ultra is running at? Bought a used one when i got it was idled too high and clutch staid engaged. Idled it down and works fine but doesnt sound like it is turning many rpm. Just wanting to check and see
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    In nuetral, it should turn 3600 rpm.
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  3. RigglePLC

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    If it does not stall, you are doing fine. Max rpm is 3600. Wide open throttle in neutral. Mine seldom got over 3400--but the tachometer has been shot for the last 3 years--these days I don't know. Maybe I can find the adjusting screw so it wouldn't stall at idle.
    Also, (pardon the hijack) I think my axle seal is shot and tranny is leaking oil. Is this a big job to fix? Can I add more oil and postpone till winter?
  4. RigglePLC

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    Rediscovered the top speed adjustment. My Ultra goes faster now. In the throttle linkage area there is a little metal tab that sticks up an an angle. With a pair of pliers or special tool--tilt it up slightly to increase top end RPM. Very sensitive--don't bend it much. You may wish to remove the air cleaner so it is easier to see and access. Clean the area with a tooth brush and solvent, (no, not your own, stupid!) And lubricate the parts now that you have it open.
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