Permagreen Ultra Upgrades

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by robertsturf, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. robertsturf

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    I have had this machine for 4 years now and even though there are several machines out there that are better this one still has a lot of life in it. Because of that it seems foolish to spend 7K right now when I can get at least 2 more years out of it. I have already added a couple of upgrades to the machine: bigger battery (not pictured, redoing mounting because of reel addition) and a larger gas tank. Both have been on the machine for 2 years and have really helped make it easier to use. This winter I decided to add a couple of more things to it. 1. A 7 gallon tank to give me more carrying capabilities. 2. A hose real from Z-Spray ( Scott in parts was most help-ful with this) this will carry 20-25' of 3/8" spray hose and a spray wand for those hard to reach areas. 3. A larger spray pump added a Flojet 1.8 gpm bypass pump for more reliability. I am going to rebuild the Shurflo on it now and either keep it as a spare or use it to operate the additional spray tank. I took a few pictures as it is a work in progress I will add pictures as I complete and test them out. I appreciate all feedback but remember just because it may look over or under done I am making this to meet OUR needs not yours!! What I have done is carefully thought out each and every aspect of this and what it can achieve for our company and properties. Thanks.:):)




  2. SpreadNSpray

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    That is NICE. It looks like you keep your equipment well maintained and super clean! Nice job on the upgrades. Can you still get through a 36" gate?
  3. robertsturf

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    No it's a little wider than 36", I think 40" but I don't have any gates narrower than 42". It's only 2" wider than when I just had the new battery mount on it. I can't wait to try it out. Thanks for noticing the way we keep our equipment. You would be surprised how dirty I see most LCO's keep their stuff.
  4. Captain_Morgan

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    Thanks for posting your mods. I appreciate seeing how other people are solving the riddles that lead to higher profits.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Robert's you are amazing. Great upgrades. And that PG Ultra is not old. Mine has about a thousand hours. (My hour meter quit 3 years ago.) I hope the electric start is reliable as it looks like the pull start is obstructed. Does anybody know how to rotate the rope start around so you can pull to the rear? I am surprised that the wireing looks original as it is usually corrosion prone.
    Does anybody know how to improve the brakes? Has anybody changed the throttle to a gas pedal? What other improvements would anybody like to see?
  6. robertsturf

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    The pull start is not a problem and the electric start still works fine! I tested out the pull start yesterday with the tank on with no issues. Also tested the turning radius with now problems either. I still have to plumb it, spray test and paint the brackets with bed-liner paint. It is a SE model and thus far no electrical problems. The machine only has 150 or so hrs! We do mostly maintenance and treat about 600K sq ft. I can usually do those in 3-4 days. I have also thought about changing the throttle position but that is still in the thinking stages as is opening and closing the fertilizer hopper. I was thinking of an electrical actuator. A guy here has one on a Lesco Truckster he has for sale and I am trying to find out were he got it or what kind it is.
  7. pieperlc

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    Roberts, great upgrades. Where did you get the tank? I was going to get a second tank and set it in the hopper for spray only jobs, but now I'm thinking I like your idea much better. I hate the open/close on the hopper as well.
  8. RigglePLC

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    Ok Roberts, yours is sweet, but...on mine I carefully painted the big pulley above the tranny with nice gloss black paint. Why would you want to change the spreader opening control? I should point out that I put a new throttle control on the left side handlebar--which frees up my right hand to control the spreader opening and I still can hit the left side spray switch easily, with one finger.

    I am thinking about using one red nozzle for a trim system. And maybe move the valve up on top where it is easy to reach as you drive. And figure out a way to prime the pump easier if I accidentally run out. I just bought a paint stirrer that fits my rechargable screw driver--I can give it a little agitation, if I want. I have nozzles inside the tank that give the solution a slow rotation, better than nothing.
  9. robertsturf

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    I got the tank from Dultmiers it is the 7 gallon flat bottom. I still have to plum the suction and discharge lines. Not sure how I will do that. As to the pulley I am going to paint that also but I do keep the covers on it I just took them off to do the brackets and rebuild the gear drive for the impeller. Thinking of upgrading that also.... It never ends. The bad thing about it I'll get it just where I want it and someone will steal it or it will fall off the trailer.:laugh::laugh:

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    i like the tank and the ideas

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