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permagreen ultra vs magnum


LawnSite Member
I have the opportunity to but a permagreen ultra with very low hours for under 3k. is there much difference between the ultra and the magnum and is it worth the 2500 difference. I only have about 70 medium sized lawns and am currently using a backpack sprayer. I am now ready to take the plunge to a ride on sprayer/spreader. I have been looking at the z-spray and the permagreen magnum but i find it hard to justify the prices. Any input would be greatly appreciated

J Hisch

LawnSite Bronze Member
Evansville IN
If it were me. I have about the same amount of lawncare accounts, I currently use a granular program with the combination of a Backpack sprayer. I find I can get excellant results with my current system, however on the larger commercial accounts I have had to sub out to a LD franchise. Due to the lack of equipment. I was not ready to take the plunge, eventhought the production would go up tremendously and I could service all my own accounts. I would buy the used unit. If it is in good shape. I would ask to use it for a while and just get a taste of what it can do for you. I would go through the recommended maintenace steps and check everything out with a fine tooth comb before I would buy it. Also the person who is selling did they buy a new unit?


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i would get the magnum it is much better then the older units in my o
the pump is better and they motor is way better


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dirty jersey
i went from the centri's to magnum and so far i like the magnum.

Forever Green Lawn

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NW Indiana
If you can get a used Ultra in good shape for under 3K... go for it. With the amount of accounts you have, why spend more than you have to? We run 3 Ultras and we like them. True, the Mag is probably better, but for 3K more it should be. If you add more accounts and need more equipment then maybe go with a new machine.


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Indianapolis, In
i was in the same boat this spring. i looked at the mag, then i found a used ultra w/100 hrs on it for $2600. i called PG and got a list of parts that they said were the most common, and then what i thought would be a problem, come to find out you can just about replace everything on the mechine for less then $500!! (pump, clutch, belt, spinner, carburator, nozzels, rear wheel brngs, etc) the only thing i hate about the ultra is the p.o.s. brigs engine (it makes you ashame to call it american made). with the ultra you lose not having 12gal of weed control, but after using it this summer, i found that 8gal goes a long way, 100# fert last about as long as the 8gal so you just fill both up at the truck at the same time (i would like to get a acre of coverage out of both, since alot of my properties a just that, and PG sells a hopper ext to fix that).