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  1. scweedman

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    I'm having a problem with my ultra spraying out of one side and
    dripping out of the other. Changed out the pump and the whole
    spray tip and body still same result. Pg is sending me a valve for
    the one that is mounted on top of the tank no flow out of it back into
    the tank now. This may help but not sure.
    Has anyone else had these problem are any idea how to fix
    this problem would be great.

  2. Grandview

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    If one spray tip is spraying, but not the other it probably is not a pump problem. It sounds like a nozzle body problem or clogged tip. Are you using screens at the tip. I use 100 mesh screens. Take the hose off the problem nozzle body and try spraying. If you have good flow out the hose the problem is the tip or nozzle body. The diaphram in the nozzle body sometimes goes bad. Change the diaphram or nozzle body. Clean the spray tip thoroughly. Run a pin through the opening to make sure it is clear. Check the screen on the intake in the tank. I have had similar problems on my sprayers. It usually is a nozzle body or clogged nozzle. Is the flow in the hose going to the nozzle body restriced? Pinched. Good luck.
  3. TOMMY1115

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    What I have done in the past is take off the nozzle and screen, run the pump and make sure you're getting flow out of that nozzle body. Then what i usually do is unscrew the top of the nozzle body and take out and clean the diaphram that sits in there. Usually clears up the problem. Alot of the times what happens is you'll get dirt or whatever lodged up in the diaphram causing it to drip.

    Your pressure will be altered depending on how loose or tight you have the top of the nozzle body, too loose, it will dribble, to tight won't spray. There's a "happy" medium you just have to find.

    Good luck
  4. scweedman

    scweedman LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks !
    Didn't know that the tops have to be just right.
  5. Currinson

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    I have been finding that the screen in the tank clogs often, this will usually clog before the nozzle screens.

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