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    No luck on the weed spraying site. So...I have a Permagreen Ultra power fertilizer spreader. 6 hp BS with a Peerless 4 speed transmission. Centrifugal clutch. But shifting is very difficult, too stiff. I need both hands.
    Suggestions? Does it need oil? Where do you put the oil? Can I unscrew the neutral safety switch to check, or fill?

    Thanks for you advice.
  2. MowerMedic77

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    What are your engine rpm's at idle? Your clutch may not be disengaging and allowing you to shift.
  3. MowerMedic77

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    You may also want to register on the Permagreen web site you can access the tech department with you issue Pat in tech can answer just about any questions on these units. Good luck:)
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    We have 3 Ultras. (2003 - 2004 models). All 3 have experienced corroded wiring, bad batteries, poor weed control for sure,and several other mechanical probs. Gear shifting sucks too.

    Today, we ordered two gear shift arms cuz they kept falling apart.

    We've had to "hard-wire" all 3 of our units cuz the wiring corrodes so quickly.

    Our spray is bad cuz we had to hard-wire these units---batteries are no good anymore.

    Weed control sucks very bad (since the day we bought them). By the time the "mist" hits the EVAPORATES and is virtually "non-existent". Mostly on small-leafed weeds. Yeh -- we DID mix it strong.......actually MUCH stronger than what the label called for.

    Great for spreading fert, but the "edges"?????>>NO WAY (sucks there too).

    If I'm wrong, feel free to reply & scold me, but keep in mind....Every local lawn care company that runs these units have expressed the same concerns to me. ??????
  5. MowerMedic77

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    Having worked on all the models(Centri ,Ultra, and now the Magnum) I have to say they keep me busy and well paid :cool2:

    I do have to admit that the majority of the issues I see are from a lack of maintenance, but there are also issues that no amount of maintenance could solve( ie. design flaws, IMHO)
  6. RigglePLC

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    Thanks mower mechanic And American lawn. I will check on excess idle rpm, but tach quit a year ago.

    I too have replaced shift linkage, due in part to the hard shifting, I am sure.

    I replaced the battery with a small motorcycle battery (cost $20) which fit in the same space, after I built a small basket to hold it. After connecting, I coated bare metal of terminals with hot glue.

    I rewired many places due to corrosion and now have every splice possible covered with layers of tape and hot glue. I plan to route the wiring around the back of the machine next year to avoid the fertilizer. I check the voltage frequently. Anything less than about 12.5 volts is not enough, I put my battery charger on any hot wire--and bring it up to about 12.9 volts. I t sprays about 3 feet from wheels on both sides. Wish it could hit 4 feet. Weed control is fine. I plan to put a pressure guage on the system somewhere to see if pressure is OK.
  7. pugs

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    Best way to tell is just look under it with the engine idling. If the belt is moving, the engine is running to fast or the clutch needs to be replaced. The belt may try to move just a bit...but it should not be moving at any speed.

    The Magnums are definitely a step up I think. The Honda engine with built in clutch is a much better engine/clutch all around. Although Honda went and redesigned their recoil starter so that now you need to loosen the engine mounting bolts to get the recoil out of a Magnum....LOL

    Do you even need the battery to run the sprayer on the Ultra? I had an older one in here a few months back that was a bit different. It had no battery. The engine had no electric start. It was I think an Ultra SE? Or maybe some other letters. The owner had 2 of them...1 was the normal Ultra I am used to seeing, the other was this "lower end" model???
  8. MowerMedic77

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    Let your customers know or anyone reading this with a Magnum that they need to remove the front green shrouds and clean around the engine VERY GOOD, I have had two units with rotten engine cases from fert and water sitting at the base of the motor(both around a year old).

    Extra clean and lubrication are very important on these units.
  9. RigglePLC

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    Pug, and skeleton,
    Myself, on the Ultra I think a really good battery is important--the pump is electric--and the stator charging system in my opinion is barely adequate. Without the battery you could probably spray at about half pressure. I am thinking about replaceing the pressure regulator on top of the tank (set at 10 psi) with one set for 20 psi.

    Also, I added a nipple and hose barb to the inside of the tank where the backflow comes in. I attached a tube aimed across the bottom to swirl the fluid, thereby providing jet agitation. Could be done for Magnum also.
    About the Magnum, I just looked at a new one at Lesco--it looks like they have changed the frame around the starter houseing so you can now replace the rope after unbolting a brace.
  10. pugs

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    YES, my one customer has had this problem. He just bought a new engine from us this year because of it. He pulled the engines out of both machines and cleaned them up. He coated the engines with Rhino lining or something similar to try to help a bit. Actually he had someone weld on the engine block to fix it before it came to replacing the engine...LOL. Not something I would recommend but whatever.

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