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    I did it! Went out saturday and bought a new magnum. Now its raining and were getting up to 3 inches over 2 days. Kinda sucks, now I cant play on it. I do have a lesco hps for sale. Only 10 months old. I guess when the rain quits I will still be dragging a hose. Then I will be too busy to spend a day trying to figure out how to run and calibrate it. The one thing I want to do is set it up to spray one acre on one tank of liquid. Any advice?
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    Don't change the nozzles, don't drive slow, don't change the pressure. Follow the directions. If you find a tank covers 60,000 sqft or 5000 sqft per gallon--may I suggest--make a fill chart based on 5000 sqft per gallon. Cover it with plastic and glue it to the tank. Your milage may vary.

    Let us know what happens. I am sure most of us would like to know how many sqft you cover with one gallon of solution.

    I am also sure most of the Permagreen Magnum owners would like to know what your spreader settings are for common fertilizer products. And how many feet per minute you are going. And how many seconds it takes to put out 50 pounds of fertilizer.
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    I get about 55k with both of our Magnums. If you need to be right at 1 acre per tank you could try a higher flow rate teejet nozzle.
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    There is a rate chart included in the manual (not separately) that tells how much to mix according to the rate on the product to be applied. Otherwise the hopper is just like Lesco (I run mine on around #15) You will love this machine ! Just don't overload it on slopes or if you have a lot of turns, it will work you to death. Good luck
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    I know I've learned to love mine! Yes, there's a learning curve to them before you get to feel comfortable everywhere on one. I mow mainly, but have the Permagreen to allow me to actually get my apps done on time. Seems to be working out pretty well. Threw out almost 4,500lbs of fert in 4 days last week, and only one day of that did I work late.

    I agree on having a full load on slopes... DON'T! Try to work it so you are half full or less when doing slopes or ditches. Little story, I put mine on it's nose last week... I totally spaced off, had almost 150 lbs. in the hopper and headed around the perimenter of a lawn, straight onto the side-slope of the drainage ditch. It was really rough ground, though not all that steep, but because of the roughness I was not getting traction with me on it, so I hopped off folding the handle down as I went, or course at the same time the drive wheels went into a rut, next thing I knew the handle was yanked from my hands and the foot platform hit me in the leg as it went skyward... Great fun scooping up probably 50+ lbs. of product off the ground! I was just happy that nobody actually saw me do this!
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    Today I started my first app with Barracade (granular with fert) and the settings include every manufacture except "Permagreen ride on "

    Should I use the same setting as Lesco, Im at home now and no where near the label, but If I remember the Lesco setting was a "letter" and the Magnums have "number" settings
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    The Lesco setting is a number on both the PG and spreader.

    Remember that the setting on you PG will probably be quite a bit different because of the speed difference (unless you walk about 5 mph).

    It if hard to say what "setting" you need to be on as every spreader is a little different.

    Best is you just calibrate it!
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    For a start in calibration for using the PG in "drive" and using the lesco settings, you can add 2 to the number and get pretty close.

    Other than that, the best way to calibrate is really a little trial and error. Take a large lawn and divide it into like 5K areas. (preferbly your own or someone's close to your shop) Start with a 50 pound bag in the hopper, cover the 5K area, then scoop out what's left in the hopper and weigh it. That will give you the total of what you applied, then tweak your adjustment from there.

    I just use my lawn, it's right about 8K. I lucked out this round and hit the setting dead on in the first try! I haven't moved the adjustment at all this round. Hope I was right! :laugh:
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    I always do things different. Above suggstions are good.

    If you don't have scales and don't want to scoop all the fertilizer out of the hopper then: Use a big lawn and a stopwatch.

    Determine how many sqft you cover in one minute. Suppose you go at 5 miles per hour (that would be 440 feet per minute). Suppose your swath is 10 feet. You are covering 4400 sqft per minute. Suppose you want to apply 4 pounds per thousand sqft. So 4.4 times 4 is 17.6 pounds, the amount you must apply per minute. 50 pounds divided by 17.4 is the time needed to apply a 50 pound bag, or 2.87 minutes. Converting to seconds: 2 minutes and 52 seconds. Time it, readjust and repeat.

    And then let us know of your results. So we don't have to do the whole thing again. Good luck!

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    Last night I got to read the manual. Am I correct in saying you will have 2 different hopper settings on the pg. One for drive and one for low? 99% of my spreading will be in drive. Do you guys ever use the low in spreading? Willl I still get the same width in low as drive? Its beeen raining for 2 days and so far I have got over 2 inches. Im really itching to get it out.

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