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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Sep 20, 2007.

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    Original thread that was closed;

    I started a thread last week that ran its course and was closed. I returned to the property in question Weds morning to mow.
    Tuesday night I stopped by the old widows house to the south. The old lady owns the large farm field that was not planted this year. I explained to her the situation and asked her permission to cross the field to access my customers yard. She was very nice. She said OK as the field is all thistles and weeds. I offered to pay her but she refused. We will get her a gift certificate and send it to her at seasons end.
    I was then met by my customer as I was cutting. She actually apologized to me for the way the neighbor acted. She had obviously talked to him and was not pleased with him either. I believe there is a bit of a neighbor dispute that I got caught in but either way its settled and I feel good about it. She offered to pay me MORE if it took me more time. I said no and I will honor our agreement because that is the way I do business. The old guy never came out and he was home.
    We don't have to go on and on with this but I did want to update those of you who were watching. Take care.
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    LOL. Just make sure you don't blow a blade of grass over there, or he will be right out there on it. He will probably be just sitting there watching you and stewing.
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    And that is life in developments. Sucks you got caught in it but that is why I live in the country.... :)

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    Man ...

    You got lucky, I was in that very situation and I cussed him out too...
    The guy called 5.0 and I got charged with some bs, ended up in court and cost me a day and $180.

    I actually could've got out of it, I think, but I decided real quick to go ahead and pay the fine, that way I would remember.
    Nowadays I run from that stuff, I don't got time to ask permission, for one they're almost never home right at that time.
    Now if the customer wants to clear it up first hand, no problem, but I won't deal with it.
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    mow ed, not sure if your certified or not but maybe a tank od spray would clean up the edge of the property and make her happy too. We've had situations like that before and a bit of extra time making the neighbour's property look better made both people happier.
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    Good job Mow.

    might want to see if the lady with the farm needs help with anything, Mowing... planting fields . . . see if she needs help with that stuff because she is helping you by letting you ride on the property
  7. Down2EarthLawns

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    Glad to see it worked out. Thanks 4 the update as I was curious to see what happened. Lesson learned for me.

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