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  1. clipperslawnservice

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    Has anyone in texas ever had to get a solicitation permit to do flyers
    door to door? im just starting out and passed out a few last week
    in some of the nicer neighborhoods. but yesterday i tried putting
    them on car windshields at some of the local eaterys. cop comes out
    of D.Q. and says i need a solicitation permit. made me remove all the
    flyers. does any one know anything about these? do i need one for
    door to door? how much are they? are they a one time deal or annual?
    guess i need to go to city hall this morning?:confused:
  2. vinny69

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    sounds like he is jerking your chain
  3. clipperslawnservice

    clipperslawnservice LawnSite Member
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    I went to city hall this morning and sure enough had to buy a
    five dollar permit.what the h**!!!. they dont require me to have
    a business license,but you need a permit to advertise, what
    the h**!!!. permits only good for one day. need it to go
    door to door also. 40mph winds again , bought the PERMIT:cry:

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