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persistance pays off with insur. claim


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Tontitown, AR
Early last June I was parked at a job when another driver ran into the back of my trailer. Trailer (78" x 18' with high sides and 2nd ramp at front curbside) was totalled, wb had $700 damage, rear of truck beat up and hitch destroyed. The driver just wasn't awake, never hit her brakes, probably was going 30 mph, about $10,000 damage to her '03 Lexus SUV. She got ticket. Her insurance was Allstate.

When I submitted claim, I was paid in full for trailer, wb replacement, and truck damage. They did not depreciate the 4 year old trailer because I explained it was a special order and I could not get a used trailer that was identical replacement. Wb I use is Troybilt, no longer a dealer in this area, I explained I use that wb because of one-lever cutting height adjustment, and would not settle for another wb without that feature, no matter how good quality mower, and there are NO used ones available in this area. They even paid mileage to nearest dealer, 180 miles round trip to Tulsa, and tolls for turnpike.

What they balked on was my lost time. I had kept a log of the actual dates and hours for everything I had to do to get back to the place I was. I also had to make do with a substitute trailer while my replacement was being built, and that caused hassles with getting lawn clippings disposed of. I totalled that time up too.

It took about 6 phone calls and 4 letters. I had just about decided I would have to take their insured to small claims court. Saturday I got a check for the full amount I claimed for lost time. I had claimed $40 an hour because that's my avg. gross from mowing. I made a huge effort to avoid losing any customers during the time I was getting things back to the way they were, and I made a point of that to Allstate. I did NOT claim any lost business or income, but pointed out to them that I potentially lost new business, because during that period I had been expanding, but turned down potential new customers while I was trying to catch up.

The lesson is, if an insurance co. is stalling, don't give up, don't just let it drop.

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I too had somthing like this happen. A man ran a 4 way stop sign into the side of my trailer. Trailer was totaled and my wb was damaged to the price of 1500$. Bent the frame and handles.Only thing harmed on my truck was the hitch bent down. Insureance paid for the reapir to the machine and the value of the trailer at that time plus gas and time to drive to the dealers.

I dont blame you for what you did. Wish I went that extra 100% like you did.