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    I Have went through the business credit threads on this site and wow what a difference it made for my business. It really helped allot. Once I got that going good I decided to work on my personal credit as well. I know your not supposed
    to post links on the site that are not your own, but this place really impressed me for their service provided to me. If you would like to have better credit or are simply interested in what they have to offer just email me at and I will send you their site to check out. They helped me enough I refinance my truck and house and the interest drop was enough to save me over $600.00 a month. The best thing about this place is if they cant help you, your money gets refunded back to you. Lawnsite has helped me tremendously with valuable information and now I can give back some (what I consider valuable) information to help others to say thanks.. I love the site Thank you guys for all your help , hopefully this will help some of you guys that need it.
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    I applied for that DUN # and the guy called me back a day later wanting me to pay $375. to upgrade and validate my # LOL I said NO give me the FREE # and when I am ready I can validate later So now I am just waiting for my # so I can see what the differance is. Is that what you are talking about??

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    When I received my duns number I got the free one also. I was able to build plenty of business credit. What I am talking about is the personal credit. It isnt attached to your business once you get your duns number. your duns number is like your ssn for your business. my personal credit was not so great, I made some bonehead decisions right out of high school and it was killing me. my interest rates were sky high. Once I found this place they were able to erase the negative information from my personal credit file. and now I qualify for great interest rates on loans and credit cards. I only used my business credit for the business and really needed to fix my personal file so I tried to do it myself with no luck at all. Found these guys and its done. If I could post the site on here I would, I just dont want to make people mad and get in trouble with the site. I use this site to get allot of info. If you are interested in checking them out just shoot me an email and I will send you their site. Dont worry about getting a bunch of junk from me, I am too busy mowing to send out spam just thought it was great info and I would like to share it with everyone. in your email just put credit info or something so I wont delete it. Thanks alot:usflag:

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    Well I have seen allot of other people posting the sites in their messages so I will leave it here for you guys. To get everything straight I DO NOT WORK for this company. I am just a satisfied customer that has used their services:weightlifter:. and thought if any of you could use the help, They are great to deal with and very reasonably priced for all that they do.
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    You had a spelling error. is probably what you meant.

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    You are very correct. Thanks alot, sorry for anyone that tried to go , and ended up nowhere. That should get ya where you need to go... Thanks lawnman*trucewhiteflag*

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