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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Fvstringpicker, Aug 29, 2004.

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    A little off subject, but I discovered termites under the wall paper,around a window frame in my residence. I am not licensed to treat or buy chemicals for termites ( nor do I have the knowhow) so I have to call an exterminator. Since the presents of termites indicates the pre construction treatment is faulty, how effective are the termite baiting systems. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I can't help but wish this was the old days and I could get my hands on some chlordane
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    I have a termite certification in Florida. Insist on Termidor as the insecticide they use to treat with. It is the most effective product on the market today, settle for nothing less and don't let them over price you because of the Termidor costing more. Insecticide is in fact the smallest cost of a termite job.

    Bait station can be effective but are only moderiting devices. They must be checked on a regular bases, every 3 months. In your case I know from your posts, you can go to Home Cheapo and do it yourself a lot cheaper. If you find activity you could hire someone to treat. Do not try to treat them yourself. You are paying more for the knowledge than the chemical.

    You may PM me if you want my phone number to discuss this. However I will be the first to tell you hire a pro. BTW I am now only certified and no longer license for termite, I got out of the end of the business. It is highly specialized.
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    Ric is right on as usual.

    I would not even think of trying it yourself.

    We do termite work and for liquid applications Termidor is the only product we will use. We have not had one call back using it since we started doing termites almost 3 years ago.
    Here is a link to some very good info. that can help answer the majority of the questions you may have.

    We are in the midst of putting together our first website and it will be included as a link in our termite section.

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me as well. We have a couple of pages of FAQ that may help you as well.

    Good Luck,

    By the way Ric, glad you made it through Charley with no injury's. Sorry to hear about the nursery.
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    Alway good to read your posts. I was lucky and will recover but other won't. So pray for them and not me. Thanks for your concern.


    I will recommend Gregg to give you better advice than me because he still does termite and I don't. He has helped me in the past and is a good guy. I still buy Termidor for GHP work and will use it on my own termites at the nursery. good luck

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