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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turfdude, Jan 14, 2002.

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    I was wondering how many of you guys use these??

    Ours is relatively brief 5 pages.
    Defines "Full Time Employee"
    Workmen's Com. and Unemployment
    Company Policies and Regulations
    Time of start
    Proper dress (company uniform) and Hygene
    Break and Lunch Time (only time to smoke!!!!!)
    Rainy Days
    Health Care
    Absenteeism and tardiness
    Disciplinary Action
    SAFETY- (including ear, eye, hanging earings, long hair (ponytail or tucked in shirt so not to get caught in backpack blower), and safety of others!!!)
    Intoxicating Beverages and/or Drugs

    This is a great way to let the employee know what to expect from you and what is expected of them. Also, like a client comtract, everything is in black and white for them to view.

    And by the way, the last page is an Acknowlegement of the Policy which the employee signs and goes w/ their I-9, W-4, copy of D.L. and copy of blank signed Warning Notice so they know what not to do!!!

  2. Mine is 29 pages long.

    Also has the last 2 pages as a contract.
  3. Turfdude

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    29 pages lol!!!:blob3:

    To the average Redneck in MO, that is the reading equivalent of a novel to a college freshman. But then again, it must be all of the pictures that actually take up the space, and you can't print small w/ crayon. ROTFLMAO!!!!
  4. LMAO Reneck,huh.

    Everything, I mean everything is spelled out and discribed in detail. Shows then I'm not playing any games.

    If I'm not mistaken 20+ pages are what will get you canned.
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    Could someone email theres to me so I can have a look?
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    I have been trying to define certain requirements for employees and qualities I expect in their work. Could you email your set of employee conditions and contracts? Thanks,
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    That is a very helpful link. If you are serious about implementing a safety/procedure policy or modifying your current program, please check this out.


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