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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by ScagMe, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. ScagMe

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    How do I deal with the neighbors of the people who I am mowing for? For example: I was mowing, and the neighbor was leaving her house and wanted me to stop mowing while she got into her vehicle because she claimed I was stirring up too much dust & grass. Another example: Neighbors complaining about grass being blown into the street, claiming it's being blown onto "their side of the street".:angry:
  2. J&R

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    Tell then I am a Pro at this heres my # when you get back if theres grass in the street call me. Then tell then i know you never will call. and about getting in her call tell her don't start up your call you can't stand any more flumes.
  3. J&R

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    Also i neen to learn to type car instead of call.
  4. Jusmowin

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    Just give a smile and wave and go about your work. I hate when people stop me while Im working and want to talk or complain about B.S. stuff..........But thats jst me!
  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    well in this bizz you need to be kind as you can be because that neighbor could possiably be your next customer,I try not to leave grass in the street but blow it back on the yard i just cut, and if you have to wait a minute or two for some one to get in a car thats not too bad, learn to smile and bear it, he he, i know its frustrating at times but thats life
  6. m&m

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    i always blow off the streets before i leave......if it was clean when i got there it is clean when i leave there......thats just how i do for car, well if i am blwoing away from her /him and nowhere near them, then i may keep on going...otherwise i will stop for them to get in car..........only takes a second
  7. MacLawnCo

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    Dont get me started about Ahole neighbors. I pressed assault charges on one the week of july 4th this year. It was not pretty.
  8. Grassmechanic

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    Mac - change your avatar - that is plain nasty
  9. craigs lawncare

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    I was just getting ready to eat breakfast. :dizzy:

  10. MacLawnCo

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    want a date?---shes always hungry. haha

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