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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tnedator, Apr 13, 2003.

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    Ok, I know this will be a challenge, since I do not have a picture, but I am going to give it a try. My lawn was sodded with El Toro about 20 months ago, so last year was the first full growing season.

    Sometime last summer, either late June or July, a weed showed up throughout the front lawn. I didn't bring it to the extension office last year, so I don't have it identified. I would like to try and control it this year, rather than waiting for it to popup (have extension office identify it) and then likely having to deal with it all year. I will attempt to describe the weed, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here are what seems like the identifying features to me.

    First, it has a cylindrical stem. It is not a blade of grass, but instead a round fairly thin stem.

    Second, It grows several grass like leaves off of the stem, several inches above the ground.

    Third, it has a brown seed head that is visible above the El Toro about seven to ten days after mowing. It is also faster growing then the El Toro, so if I go much more than a week without mowing, the whole lawn has a brown look from the seed heads.

    In some ways it looks similar to perennial blue grass, but with a brown seed head rather than white, and the two or three leafy branches.

    The lawn itself seems thick and otherwise free of weeds except for a few broadleaf weeks I control easily.

    I am hoping that someone might be able to identify it from my description. or at least give me some idea of how to control that type of weed (I assume it would be considered grassy, not broadleaf).

    Will a pre-emerge likely control this? I am about to put down Turfbuilder with halts, but I am not sure how long that pre-emerge will last. I have not put it down yet, because the lawn is still mostly dormant. In hindsite, I should have bought a pre-emerge that was seperate from the fertilizer, and I will do so next year. So, will a pre-emerge like halts likekly prevent this weed? If so, how often during the year should I apply it?


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  3. tnedator

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    I've looked at weedalert, and have had no luck. Some of the pictures are dark and hard to see, and it may be one of those. I have looked at all the pictures that are easy to see, and it is not one of those.

    I should also add that it does not grow in clumps or clusters. They are individual stems throughout the whole lawn.

  4. Clay

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    Sounds like Foxtail to me just based on your description, but I suppose it could be any of the grassy weeds.
  6. tnedator

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    I've looked at pictures of Foxtail, and don't believe that is what I have.

    This weed I have doesn't seem to grow in clumps, it grows straight up, and has a dark brown seed head rather than yellow.
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    I can't identify the weed, and I don't know if this will help or not. I have El Toro as well. The first year I had a good number of weeds (both grassy and broadleaf). I treated them with a liquid spray (I don't have the labels with me, I can get them if it will help) once it was established, and fertilized with Lesco that was being sold at Home Depot locally. The weeds went away and the grass was extremely thick and healthy. Since then I've been putting out Lesco on their schedule. I put out pre emergent twice a year, once in November, once in February. I have zero weeds except for the borders with my neighbors, and don't even need the weed and feed anymore. I am now buying what I need directly from the local Lesco Service Center, as they have a bit more knowledge and selection.
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    Its probably Dallis grass. Pre-emergent will not control it. It has to be control with a post- emergent. You may not have a problem with it this year. zoysia is so thick, that it actually chokes out weeds. I have seen Bermuda grow in Zoysia, maybe a weed here or there.....Have you seen a picture of Dallis grass? It may not be Dallis grass, its already growing well here:( If you cant find a picture of Dallis Grass, heck, I can go outside and get you one,lol.
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    Last year I used Scott's, but they only have you put down a pre-emerge in the spring. I know most of the people in this forum seem to recommend Lesco, so I might switch.

    I am hoping as the El Toro continues to mature and thicken that it will choke out most weeds. Last year I started late and didn't put down a pre emerge and I think that might be the step I am missing. I think there is a Lesco place in a city a couple hours from here (first big city), and I may check them out next time I am down there.
  10. tnedator

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    Based on the pictures I have seen, I don't think it is Dallis grass.

    I have looked at a bunch of websites and pictures, and of course I am now going from memory, but the link below is the closest thing I have found to it. The problem is that the picture in the link shows the general anatomy of a grass plant, not a specific grass. This is one of the reasons I think it is either a grassy weed, or even a grass that has wound up in my yard.

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