Pest barrier for mulch beds

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DLCS, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. DLCS

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    I had a customer ask me the other day if I knew of a product that would keep pests(Roaches/water bugs) from coming into her house. Her neighbor has been known to have roaches/water bugs frequently. She has an exterminator come quarterly but she wanted to know if I new of a granular product that repels them from coming inside like a barrier. I guess she means to put on the lawn and mulched beds around the house. I don't do apps but she just wanted some advice. Anyone ever run into this?
  2. Turf Troll

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    If I didn't spray probably granular sevin, permethrin g, of course merit.
  3. kcchiefs58

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    I would use a product like talstar either liquid or granular this would help create your barrier and it is long lasting. Even tempo works good.
  4. Killswitch

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    Everyones using Talstar these days.

    Ive seen rates run at 12oz per hundred.....but Ive also seen guys using an ounce per gallon in a hand sprayer which takes longer but seems better especially if you are looking to lay down a good barrier. Treat all the foundations, and completely treat the perimeter and have her get rid of all that junk firewood she'll never use thats stored against the house and frankly Im not a big fan of most mulches as I think they attract carpenter ants, earwigs, and whatever.
  5. ArizPestWeed

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    Use Talstar G , not the liquid .
    Use Cy Kick or Demand or Suspend SC or any Sc , WP or microcaped 'cide .
  6. Runner

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    Permethrin around the structure. 4 ft. out and 4 ft. up. you won't have so much as an ant in the house.
  7. DLCS

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    Thanks guys for the advice. Now since I don't do apps, she will have to have these put down by a extermintor or any liscensed applicator right? I'm sure she can't buy and apply these herself, they restricted use right?
  8. Ric

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    In Most states not only does this have to done by a licensed applicator. But It Requires a Structural Applicators License or inside pest control license. Most Lawn guys do not have this license or the right to apply perimeter treatment to a structure.

    Sorry I have very strong feelings about proper licensing and certification.
  9. DLCS

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    Sorry Ric but like I said I'm not doing any apps. She wants to do this herself, all I asked was can she get the pesticides to do this herself or are they only available to license exterminators. She asked me for advice and thats all, relax.
  10. Ric

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    I read where you said you were not licensed and ask about having it done by a professional. Sorry if I came off being Cantankerous toward you. I was just trying to make a point about proper licensing, an issue very near to my heart.

    Your customer can find proper perimeter treatment product, as suggested by others here, at most hardware stores. She can do it her self legally. In the state of Florida, She could in fact buy those products, bring them home her self and Pay you do apply them. She would then be legally responsible for any problems including you being contaminated and getting sick.

    General Household Pest Control has the lowest materials cost of any business. $ 2.00 can treat a large home. What you are paying for is the knowledge of what, when, and where to apply those materials. Mis-application can in fact Exacerbate a insect problem more than help it. Most Rid-a-bug type products in the Grocery Store only chase insects for a short period of time and do not control them. In the mean time they increase in numbers behind a wall somewhere and become a even bigger problem. Baiting while very slow to take effect, is a better approach to control. But once again the choice of baits is the Knowledge that professional applicator offer their customer.

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