Pest Control Pricing for Commercial Properties

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Erdye, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Erdye

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    I have been in the lawn care business for the last 9 years. I have in the last 3years added pest control, mainly treating homes for spiders (1app spring, 1app fall). I have recently been contacted by several of my commercial properties such as Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King. To bid on yearly services that from what I understand is Interior/Exterior Rodent Control, and Interior/Exterior pest control(basically treating bathrooms and kitchens for unwanted pests, 1app every 2mnths). I am wondering how I would price such services. I have heard that these services are billed monthly and from what I know the prices seem to be around the $15-20/mnth, which equates to only $180-240yrly.

    What I want to know is does this seem low?High?

    How should I bid? Use the standard material + labor? (in which case these numbers seem way to low)

    Any ideas on where I could look up pricing of this sort by comparable city?

    I am Located in a tri-city area 60miles north of GB Wisconsin. Pop. about 35,000

    Any help would be greatly appreciated in this matter.
  2. olive123

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    you are going to treat a national chain resturaunt, guarantee them that they will have no more critter problems inside where their customers purchase and eat their food and you are going to charge them 30 or 40 dollars per application?
    UMMMM, do you have any idea what commercial pest control entails? The gresy floors, gunk under machines, waiting for employees to finish cleaning and bagging until you can start? If you have never done it dont.
    Lets face it you are a lawn care pro NOT at PCO. leave this type of work to the people who know and have been there you WILL be sorry.
  3. Ric

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    Great advise! I have never done Restaurant pest control and hope I never do. Call backs will drive you crazy and eat all your profit and then some.

    I stopped at a McDonald's and a German Cockroach crawled across the counter just as I had paid for my order. That was one Big Mac I didn't eat. I was on a trip so I will never stop there again.


    Stick with single family homes that don't have 14 Dogs & Cats or 8 Kids preschool age. Retired Grandparents make excellence customers. They keep a Clean house and don't spill crumbs all over the place.
  4. bugthug

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    Go in and ask the manager if you can walk around. Walk around the whole kitchen, dining room, restrooms, storage rooms, then go outside walk around the building And walk by the dumpsters also. Now figure 10 15 minutes without doing anything. so lets just say 1/2 an hour to do a good job. Doesent leave much room for chemical, and or call backs wich will be often because the last company didnt do a good job. Run away
  5. Greg Amann

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    Sorry for the double post.
  6. Greg Amann

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    We started out 13 years ago with a Marriot Hotel that helped us get on our feet. I am thankful to say we do not do any commercial accounts anymore except for 2 churches, that just happen to be tied to many residential accounts.
    Having worked at Disney for six years prior to this business I had a pretty good feel of what it was like to deal with commercial kitchens. Sanitation is a huge issue in kitchens. If they don't do their part there is nothing you can do to take care of pest problems.
    We found it to be a cut throat end of the business. In nearly every case the low baller wins the bid. If you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to get the contract don't count on having next year. After you clean up problems the others couldn't they go back to cheap.
    The prices you listed are in the general ball park of what monthly goes for down here in small restaurants. Apartments in a complex go for around $7.50 a month.
    Let the nationals have them, they deserve them.
    Merry Christmas everyone,
    Greg Amann
  7. olive123

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    down here in s fla condos in a complex go for 1.50.
    we get our money for resturaunts but its a hard job. Also here resturaunts are monthly.
  8. Ric

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    How can you do a perimeter Spray let alone inside Treatment for $ 1.50 a unit???? I hear there is a lot of Rent a license and sub contracting of GHP in your area. Also Is there not a Florida State college in Broward that offers a GHP course that is recognized by the BEPC???

    Greg & Olive

    You guys will understand when I tell about the big apt complex with Pharaoh Ants and tenets with Aerosol cans of Raid. What a nightmare. No Thank You I will stick with what works for me.
  9. olive123

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    well ric its all based on volume there is a company (wont name) that specializes in condo work. 1.5 per (kitchen and baths only) times 300 units.
    I used to work for a company when i started that had hundreds of 10 and 5 story buildings 10 units on a floor. All snow birds. Had a key ring the circumference of a bowling ball. I didnt work there long...:dizzy:
    i cant elaborate too much on pricing lets just say the condo commandos and presidents will keep going till they get what they want for price. I got involved when starting in l and o I think the going price for common areas was 105 to spray lawns. they got vid after bid till they got what they wanted and had some other slob right behind that one for when they were done with him.
    I dont see a lot of sub contracting just companies that do volume only. Again a lot of condo work is snow birds so even in winter many arent down. I dont get involved in it anymore unless I can get a termidor treatment out of it then Ill just guarantee the common areas of the building only.
  10. Green Dreams

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    Pest control is a PITA in restaurants. I was once in a chinese place and they were telling me about the roaches living in the bottom of a mop bucket. You know...what they set the bucket on to roll it around?

    Anyway...I say "show me" and they flip this thing over. There must've been 200 roaches run out of it as I was trying to kick out the back door.

    I soon went back to lawn/landscape care.

    I saw an invoice from Centex at a house a month or two ago. It was for $85 and all he did was spray the exterior.

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