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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Raider, Sep 25, 2009.

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    First, I do all commercial maintenance and light landscaping, snow removal. 9 large multi building apartment complexes, 1 large assisted living community, 9 other smaller businesses. I will be adding two more very large commercial properties in 2010. Has anyone ever looked into adding on Pest Control to their mowing/maintenance business. After talking with the owners/managers at most of my properties, I am "estimating" about $1600+ per month being paid out to pest control business. Right now, in our community of about 11,000 people, there is no local person doing this, one guy comes from about 30 miles away and does all of the properties that I take care of, plus many more.

    I have not looked into what it takes to get into this business so if anyone has any advise please post.
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    many have done it and many So it....

    It's pretty common.

    also pool cleaning is common.

    However you will have to check you local laws.
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    Most of the time major collages in each state offer the courses and the state tests. It isn’t to expensive but you need to check into it. My state gives huge fines if you are not licensed. I know your regular insurance does not cover it ether so find out what you have to do to get covered. Also the license does not transfer from state to state so if you live near the state line you will need to be licensed in any and all states you plan on spraying in. .

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