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    :waving: Hey everyone!! been a member since around 2012 but lost my old account because I've been absent on my account for many years and just wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone on here because they were always helpful when I had questions and helped me so much with my lawn business.

    BACKGROUND INFO: Location-TEXAS, NO Licenses whatsoever *I will be taking necessary exams to do all apps
    CURRENT AVG Turf residential 5-10k and commercials 1-2 acres
    Main work is Installs and Maintenance. I have not measured all properties but my best guess of turf area to be treated is close to 1,000,000 sq ft. and next year my goals is mostly commercial accounts and so that number could dramatically increase.

    Now to the question, FINALLY!
    What would be the most productive and profitable setup for me to do Apps for Pest/Diseases and Fungus/Turf and Herbicide on 10k lots and up to 2 acres of grass while signing up new clients and having the ability to swing by active jobs? *also take into account I need to be able to check on jobs throughout the day, make calls, and have room in the truck for tools that i may have to deliver to crews.

    Ps I can stick strictly to lawn & landscape apps but believe the pest treatments could be more profitable and I can start by only offering those services to current customers so i don't get overwhelmed and have to drive around everywhere because someone has fire ant mounds and a birthday party the next day;)
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    Get a one-ton or 3/4 ton pickup with 200 gallon space-saver sprayer. Add a carrier on the back for a Permagreen Triumph. Carry a toolbox on the floor in the cab. Use the 200 gal tank to fill the Permagreen like a nurse tank. Calculate a "difference" fill chart so you will know how much herbicide to add when using the skid sprayer as a nurse tank.
    There will not be a lot of room for both fertilizer and extra herbicides and insecticides. A 2.5 gallon of Trimec should fit behind the seat. Insecticide vapors are dangerous--carry them in a locker in the truck bed.
    Two to 8 ounce bottles of dry products should fit into a drawer under the seat.
    If it is still to tight--move up to a flatbed.
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    Thanks For the info. I forgot to mention that I will only be able to put in about 10-20 hours/week on Apps. If my FT guy gets licensed he can do it about 20-40hours/week depending on the jobs he has scheduled.

    Would I be better off having a dedicated truck with a flat bed and just have a enclosed trailer that carries my necessary supplies for when I need more than just the truck carries?
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    A trailer is a bit of a problem in the older, tighter city neighborhoods; difficult to park and turn around.
    A 3/4 ton with space-saver will haul most of your supplies. With experience, you will find a way to get your essential supplies on the truck.
    I used to carry 10 bags of fert in the cab in the passenger seat. Rain safe. About 20 more bags rode in the back. Strapped down as needed. Plan ahead--so you don't carry unnecessary items. Use one gallon hand sprayers--no room for backpacks. At times you may want to carry a small plastic or hand-held spreader.
    You may wish to use an Earthway 50 pounds push spreader in stainless steel, 2150. Takes up less room. You never use more than a whole bag anyway. However, this is no longer sold in a stainless steel version--as far as I can tell.

    This is odd; the LF2 medium size spreader lists a "rust proof nylon frame". This does not sound possible to me.

    At times you may wish to slide the sprayer out--onto a picnic table or special built table--so you can use the pickup for ordinary purposes--carry a full pallet for instance.
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    Thanks again. Lots of good info. The trailer would only be used for construction jobs. I have an open utility and maybe will get a 12-16ft enclosed.

    So to clarify the apps setup.
    3/4-1ton Flatbed truck
    Space saver tank
    Ride on spreader sprayer
    1 gallon and handheld spreader for hard to reach/small apps
    Sealproof toolbox for pesticides
    Toolbox inside cab for lawn/landscape apps
    Bags in extra space on flatbed or inside cab

    A few more questions:
    Is it okay to start with a ride on sprayer/spreader only? I ask because I’d prefer not to walk yards anymore and after next year I won’t be doing many apps if any. I’m just getting it started and once I get that complete I would feel better about setting up a complete rig for a FT employee. If your answer is no then I understand and will go all out.

    Also is there more money in the pest control apps than the lawn and landscape?
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    I do not know if there is more money in "pest control". Are there a lot of insects in your town? The category test is a bit longer.
    No need for a space saver skid sprayer if you are driving a flatbed truck. Space-saver fits nice in a pickup bed, naturally. Of course, it is better if you can find a way to keep your fertilizer dry. You can buy plastic outdoor storage boxes--you may have to construct a box to fit the space available. Weather proof and theft proof plus resistant to wind from driving 70 on the highway.

    You will need a nurse tank and pump for your ride-on or Permagreen. If you have a skid sprayer--you can fill from that tank.
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    Okay, I got a better idea now. I was thinking a nurse tank for only water but your right why not just have a skid and be able to do anything.

    Not sure if there are more insects in our area which is north Texas. I know I get asked a lot about treating for ants, I see terminix and several other pest companies everywhere too. Personally I would rather not deal with pesticides but thought I could make more profit with them. I know nothing when it comes to pest control but a decent amount when it comes to turf grass and landscape care. Maybe just getting the license for treating weeds, fungus and diseases for plants is my best bet for next year.

    I really appreciate your responses and feel like I know exactly what I’ll do going forward. I’ll figure out the vehicle situation closer to the end of the year, but at least I know what to do with eaither setup.

    You Rock!!!

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