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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LawnSharks, May 18, 2008.

  1. LawnSharks

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    Has anyone got a Pesticide/Herbicide/Fertilizer Application log sheet in Excel spreadsheet or Word document form that they are willing to share?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. treemonkey

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    Did you try googling for this? I doubt that you will find a record that combines both pesticides and fertilizer.

    Here is an on line available Excel record. All you have to do is change the title from Greenhouses to lawns: I noticed they have no column for the applicator's name!

    Gemplers has a record form also.
  3. RigglePLC

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    Try this for example. First line contains column headings. Second line is an example application:

    Qty Unit Product EPA num %Conc Chem name (lb/Ac) Target

    20 Lbs Dimension19-0-6 62719-486-41124 0.1% dithiopyr .17 crabgrass

    The operator fills in the pounds applied. The rest is inserted by cut and paste or automatically supplied somehow. You need extra columns for location, operator, date, and time.
  4. gorknoids

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    I keep it broken out in a few different ways. The daily sheet has the formulation, name, active ingredient, volume, and property name on it. Same stuff you need on the container/tank tag.
    I have the address, area, and property and contract in a contract book, and I break it out by dates in Quickbooks when I bill (Leaving me a concise record of application dates, weather, etc...)
    The only PITA is standing in the shop while the inspector tosses the folders around without looking at them. Otherwise, I have a complete history of everything that I shoot.

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