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Discussion in 'Employment' started by brookviewlawncare, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Brookview Lawncare is a diverse Lawn maintenance co. located in western Mi . We are seeking a self motivated individual to eventually manage our fertilizer division. The ideal candidate would be capable and licensed in the state of apply fertilizers and pesticides to home lawns, athletic fields and commercial sites. In addition, this person would have the ability to sell market programs to a variety of clients, be able to purchase fertilizer from vendors and be versatile enough to handle other jobs as needed Please PM for email
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    Where abouts are you? Also, are you currently licensed, or are you looking for someone to bring a license into the business? (Looking for an applicator of technician)?
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    Zeeland MI Yes No
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    I know someone that might fit that description very well. What is the pay scale you're looking at? On that note, what is the pay scale of any lawncare (fertilizer) business out there for the head of operations or manager?


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