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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by steck, May 19, 2008.

  1. steck

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    my area has been considering a pesticide ban for some time now. in fact it looks like by next year, there will be a province wide ban for all pesticides, herbicides etc.

    has anyone really thought what the consequences of this would be. - will there be any grass left ??

    ie, grubs will take over, than only a weed will grow where the grubs are, only weeds that grubs wont eat will grow, than the grubs will die (they'll ultimately die anyway?!)

    anyone else have a pesticide ban in place already ??
  2. Frontier-Lawn

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    once city hall gets infested with roaches and rats, ect they will re think there moronic idea.
  3. tlg

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    I have followed the pesticide controversy in Canada for some time and find the whole issue an unjustifiable attack on the use of pesticides. The limitation on pesticides for cosmetic use is completely unfair to one segment of the pest control industry while others may continue to apply their control products. Lawn care is the primary segment under attack while agriculture appears to be untouched by the pending new laws. The science behind the ban is flawed. The issue is an emotional response to a problem that really is not a problem. The pesticide haters are fear mongers. They say these products are bad and most people will go along with it out of fear. These people preach the evil of pesticides and those who fail to check the facts for themselves are buying into it like never before. There will be more property and lives hurt by not using pesticides than there will ever be by using them correctly. The use of pesticides is a complex issue that most people will never understand. How they work, when they are needed, and the benefits of their use should be based on sound science. Not on some emotional battle cry.
  4. greg6775

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    hope they leave kentucky out of the banned area
  5. Daner

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    I'm In Ontario as well...yes next summer the Ontario Pesticide band will start...and be enforced. Its not the end of the world...there are other ways of taking care of your lawns without spraying poison on them...all my lawns are organic and they do just fine...There's a bit of a learning curve...but a Interesting change...IMO the problem with Pesticides/herbicides is your trying to fix the problem with the problem.
    On the other hand I can understand the chem guys getting upset over this...but there has been lots of heads up warning...Its not like It all shutting down next Friday...Its next summer...My advice would be to start to make the change over to organics now...and wean the lawns and the customers to the new way.

  6. steck

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    from ontario
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    i'm kinda wondering how they are going to enforce it...hhmmmm?? from the skies with special camera's which will pick out the lawns who sprayed? :laugh:

    i think the only way they can ban pesticide use is ban selling and buying it. Should be interesting tho....

    i think a licence for homeowners would be great - say an 8 hr course on a saturday?? than you can spray your property, with proper application rates etc....
  7. coyoteman

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    I don believe it is a matter of if the lawns will servive or not, it's a matter of a province thinking they are smarter then the PMRA of Health Canada. Why is a golf course not effected by the ban? Ontario must be a sad place to live when activists are believed over 290 scientists.
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    While this ban is ********, to question "will there be any grass left??" is naive.

    Do you think "lawns" were invented in the test tube neighboring pesticides?

    People have had lawns for centuries without the benefits of pesticides...

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