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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GreenStar, Feb 15, 2002.

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    there is a post on here that say's " i have a license now what" i did't read this post yet so don't string me up yet. see in michigan you need to be certified for 2 years to get a business license for applying pesticides or you can be registered and work under someone who has the 2 years experiance. is it like this in other states. there is something that bothers me about an 18 year old that just goes to take a test an whala PESTICIDE COMPANY. we all now this is where the dough is so this is what will attract younger people. but there is just to much room for error. it's not a competition thing but more of a safety factor. i have a boxer that we show and i have a really hard time using any type of insecticide knowing in the back of my mind that this could effect my dog. i look at it with my dog but what if it was my kid. the books are great dont get me wrong but ojt is where the real knowledge is, and a person getting into our field just for the money may not look at the big picture when it comes to the safety and serenity of your family or mine. what are the rules and reg's in your states.
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    You bring up some good points. I live in Ontario and I am currently going through the required steps to get my pesticide license. We have to go through a government regulated course either by classroom or correspondense. we then write an exam and of course pay a fee for a license. If all is passed we are licensed to apply pesticides. There is a broad range of licenses you study for, e.g. fumigants, water applications, ariel applications etc. Now I am a little nervous myself since I have had no hands on experience with spraying and application of any pesticides and here I will be a licensed guy ready for the turfgrass maintenance business. I tend to be a bit on the cautious side anyway but other people aren't. My intentions are not to get into too much specialized pest control, I really just wanted a weed control addition to my lawn cut/trim business so I will approach the business from this angle first and see how it goes, unfortuneately you can't get just a license for herbicide application, you get the whole pesticide deal in one shot. It also seems that there are alternative treatments that are not chemical that we can offer(even though it seems most people want the conventional method) I've blabbed enough, lets here some other input.
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    There is no OJT requirement for pesticide licensing here in NJ., but the requirements Green Star mentions do apply to obtaining an irrigation license. Seems backwards to me. You buy the books ( A Core book & then a book that pertains to which classification you go for), take a class that goes over the information in the books, then take a test on them. If you pass, you pay for your license, the business needs a separate pesticide license, and you need proof of pesticide insurance. Pretty easy. KutnKru posted this article in another thread, but I think any of us involved with pesticides should read it:
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    i read this and it was outstanding. i started to feel sick to my stomach though, this is the real deal. thanks for the link it was great.
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    I too have wondered about this because I just got the books to study and all I have to do is pass the test and I am good to go.

    I was thinkin' the same deal" You passed and now you can apply pesticides".

    I have to study 3 books and then pass the test with 70% or better, pay the fees, about $65, and I am legal. It would seem that when it comes to lowering the boom on the unlicensed that it is more important than when you want to get licensed. :confused:

    I really thought it would be more intensive than that.

    I guess that after I pass the test, I can ask questions about application on this forum and i won't get beat up about being certified.LOL


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