Pesticide drift grounds for trespass!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by abrightday, Jul 27, 2011.

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    People who choose to have an organic farm go through a certification process. They pay some outfit ridiculous amounts of money to get that way. Part of it is going 3 pr more years without any synthetic stuff on their place. If they end up with a synthetic product on their food or the guy from the certification outfit tests their ground and finds residue, they lose that certification. If that's they way they want to grow, that's fine.

    What it does is makes it that much harder to do anything next door. What we see out here is tons of really small 1-10 acre organic farms. usually on those "ranchette" properties. If you have one bunch move and set up an organic farm and are surrounded by folks who use conventional products, guess who has to to the accommodating?

    Doesn't matter who was there first, you drift you lose. It's always been that way but now they really come after you. The organic folks, not the Ag Dept.
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    An off target application is an off target application. This seems to be a pretty simple concept. If your pesticide application moves out of the target area your in violation. That being said you can bet that there is always some amount of drift no matter what the wind speed is. Common sense would dictate that an applicator would take the appropriate measures to minimize any risk associated with that drift. If there was an organic farm adjacent to your target area a responsible applicator would have took this liability into consideration. This business gets tougher every day. It's even tougher if your stupid!

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