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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by marko, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Just starting out this year (was only planning on mowing) and called for my business insurance (Illinois). The guy told me the price for mowing only and was shocked to find out that it was the same price for "Landscaper" catagory (fertilizing and spraying). I used a 200 gal. skid mount in iowa and covered the "whole yard" before. I would like to go to a back pack unit and more or less treat weeds only where they are growing. My questions are:
    1: Who has a similar setup where they do not spray @ 2 gal per 1000/sf? out of a larger tank

    2: Do you move a majority of problems (fungus, grubs, etc) to a broadcast granular applications?

    I would like to have a couple of 4 gal tanks (backpack) on the truck and a 30 gallon water supply. fertilize the yard and then only spot spray the problem areas with the right pesticide.

    I was planning on using the Justmowit philosophy and thrive on volume (most LOT sizes are 6,000 to 8,000 SF), but this throws a wrench into that plan.

    Thanks for any advice/tips. Gotta study for my test now! ;)
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    First pass the test.

    We use LV (low volume) equals to 42oz per thou. of liquid weed control

    It's my opinion that (most) homeowners will not pay the expense of fungicides and most problems anyways can be controlled with proper watering times....(NO watering in the evening) especially when high humidity.

    grubs can be treated with dry( merit or mach).

    Now go pass that test :)
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    Using a 200 gal or similar tank is fine for many applications, spotting or whole lawn treatments. Quality control on calibration of spreaders or spray rigs is the key for excellent results. There are some lawn techs. (owners) that spread dry fertilizer over whole lawn and spot spray existing weeds and get excellent results. With experience you can look at a lawn and know if you need to blanket treat a pre emergent and you can even ask the homeowner some qualifying questions if its your first time on property about previous history of turf condition. Good luck.
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    Spot spraying is better for the environment and a good practice. It will take you alot longer to do this from a backpack sprayer.

    You need to decide how much time you would be using a a larger sprayer.

    My rule of thumb has always been to have at least two full weeks of work per application in order to justify a commercial spray unit.

    If you are mowing each week it would be easier to spot weeds as you see them.
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    Your method is fine if you are taking over yards that have been treated in the past. The problem is when you get a lawn that is 20% weeds and you try to control it. Thats where the blanket helps. Also the bigger the property the more time spent double walking.
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    Hearing you talk about spray equipment I wanted to let you know that I can sell you some of mine. We are upgrading a little bit. I have 6 150 gallon tanks, 5 Hanney reels, and 3/8 inch hose that goes along with the reels. I can give you a great price on one set-up if you like. As much as what you might spend on a couple backbacks. FYI, we spray the tri-mec at 1/2 gallon per thousand sq. ft. Let me know if you're interesed.

  7. marko

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    Motown. I am interested. I can not PM you since you do not allow it. Please send me a message and I will e-mail you.
  8. Motown

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    Sorry I forgot you don't have my address. Write me at Let me know what you are interested in. The only issue would be getting it to you.


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