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    I have a question regarding the application of pesticide. My father owns a landscaping business of his own that is very small and for the past two years I have been one of his few employees. His business is limited to mowing grass and snow plowing. I would like to expand his business into fertilization and pesticide application. I am currently working towards receiving my certification as a pesticide applicator. This is where I am uncertain about how everything works. I am going to basically own the fertilization part of the business but I will be working under my father. Is he going to need to be a licensed business in order to hire me as an applicator. I ask this because according to my fathers insurance I am basically an owner of the business and I am not even covered under his worker's compensation policy because I am a family member and considered to be an owner of the business.

    If somebody can make some sense of my situation and write me back with some suggestions I would appreciate it very much
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    He will have to hire a licensed applicator with atleast either a. 2 years proven experience (in each of the categories being applied for) as a certified applicator with a licensed firm, or b. somoeone with a bachelor (4 year) degree in agronomy, turf management, or some other agricultural related field (approved by MDA) AND atleast 1 year experience working (in each of the categories being applied for) as a certified applicator with a licensed firm. This is done through the license application process by providing a form that states the experience, and companie(s) worked for, and dates. This is then sworn and notarized, and sent in with the application packet.
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    And anyone else who is looking for pesticide rules and laws. click on the link and select your state.

    This site will direct you to your state's regulatory agency.

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