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    Had an inspection today from the DEP. I have a question for NJ applicators. Do your workers require an operators license to spray Roundup. I have had my license for 15 years and don't recall needing an operators license to spray roundup for each employee. How many of you guys keep a hand held sprayer for your guys to spray curbs or beds? I was told that each employee must go to class for an operators license even if he sprays only roundup.
    Other than that everything else was fine.
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    Thats the way it is here, unless you as the "master applicator" are within verbal and visual range of one another.
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    Here, if you apply any pesticide registered with the EPA, for compensation then you need a license. Doesn't matter if it's Weed & Feed or Scott's with Halts from Wal-mart.
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    Here, you have to ATLEAST be a certified tech.. Of course, the business itself has to be licensed, also. I don't want to decieve any newbies on here that think that if they're certified, that they can go out and spray on their own.

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    Yeah I know that,
    Now I have to license all of my employees as pesticide operators if they are ever going to spray ,or it is a $900 fine each time. I have a hand sprayer or backpack sprayer with all my crews so they can spot spray any weeds they see in beds, cracks in the walks or curbs. As I am sure every other one does in NJ with more than one crew. I see them every day.
    I guess i am just venting. It is just adding more cost to a job that is hard enough to be competitive in. In a field that I take pride in being 100% legit they are making it harder and harder to stay that way.
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    in fla each employee needs an id card

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