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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scottlawns, Mar 7, 2000.

  1. scottlawns

    scottlawns Guest
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    i just picked up my books the A and E manuals to study to get my licence,it sure looks like a lot of reading....any tips on the test??
  2. Millertime34

    Millertime34 LawnSite Member
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    I have been trying to find out where to get the books and how much they cost. Can you point me in the right direction. Up north in Walker again.<p>----------<br>Bryan..Heartland Lawn Care<br>
  3. Cannonturf

    Cannonturf LawnSite Member
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    If your in Minnesota? To get manuals you can get them from Minnesota extension service<br>612-625-8215<br>And as far as the test.Most of it is common sense.One thing to know is how to do is formula's.It's been many years since I have taken it and i know there has been some changes.They told us at the recertification class a couple of weeks ago about 30% fail the first time.So it really pays to study hard.<br>Good Luck!
  4. scottlawns

    scottlawns Guest
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    thanks in cannon falls?i take my test next week and it sure dont look easy
  5. slagerlawncare

    slagerlawncare LawnSite Member
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    i just took it today..i'm in wisconsin.<br>my biggest the manual. no how to read labels ...and cheat :) <br>just kiddin...<br>good luck!!!
  6. valhalla

    valhalla LawnSite Member
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    scottlawns what location are you going to,to take the test? <p>----------<br>Valhalla lawn and pool<br>
  7. scottlawns

    scottlawns Guest
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    from what i understand i can only take it in ST. Paul on plato ave....i had a appt this tues but i cancelled week i will take it.
  8. Cannonturf

    Cannonturf LawnSite Member
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    Scottslawn,<br>Yes i'm in Cannon Falls.I moved here from Brooklyn Park last summer.Worked for big company in the cities.Going on my ownfinally after 16 years.<br>Hey good luck on the test.<br>P.S It pays to study hard

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