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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Bower's, Jul 6, 2001.

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    I was Just wondering if anyone had info on aquiring a pesticide license in New Jersey. I did a search and didn't come up with anything state specific. Was wondering what was needed? Can you apply fert without it? Do you have to work under another applicator first? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    i just got my license a few months ago. first, i dont know where exactly your town is but im in new jersey also. i called n.j. dep in trenton, they will send u an application and u will have your choice of dates to choose from. u are required to take whats called a "core" exam, and a category exam, the category you need is called 3b turf. u will purchase two books to study from(or if u live close enough u can have mine). the core exam is closed book, but very simple, the category exam is open book but make sure u read the book so u know where each section is incase u have to look up an answer. the tests are multiple choice and fairly simple. u dont have to work with a licensed applicator first. u dont need a license to apply fert or lime. but u dont want to apply just fert, weeds love nitrogen too. the cost for each test is $10. the cost for the books i belive was $30 each. once u pass the exams, u will need to provide proof of insurance, and your license will cost u $75. then your business must also be registered, for an additional $125. if u have any questions feel free to email me (bobbygedd @aol)
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    Thanks for your quick reply, i really appreciate it. Newfield is right next to Vineland in south Jersey it is off of rt 55 heading toward Wildwood about 40 min from philadelphia.
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    Had a nice snow storm the night before the test, could not get any cramming done, passed anyways. If you have a local rutgers cooperative in your area, they have the books and all the info.

    The test is available in Vineland, Is that Gloucester County? If so, there is a Rutgers cooperative there. I took the test in trenton. Here is a website for the info if that doesn't work, try org instead of com. hope it works for you.

    Michael F. Kotch
    M&E Lawn and Landscape
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    What is the format to the exam multiple choice, essay, etc...
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    I believe most states use a Multiply Guess format for tests because they are easier to grade and require no subjective grading. But the big difference in testing is how close the choices are. In my state when I tested, more than one correct answer was given. The best choice of answers was sometimes debatable.

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