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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scraper, Mar 14, 2000.

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    With all the discussion regarding pesticide licensing, I was wondering how much y'all pay for the required insurance endorsement? I have been staying away from the use of herbicides and pesticides as I do not want to have a conflict with the regulatory agencies as being unlicensed and I have not become licensed because I was unsure whether it would be profitable enough after paying the licensing fees and the insurance. I am in eastern PA, so if any of you are in PA that would be best, but all responses are appreciated!<p>Hope this made sense...<p>Thanks in advance!
  2. The test fees are small.<p>The yearly license fees were $60 this year with a slight increase for next year.<p>Ohio Casuality offers insurance with a pest<br>endorcement for $400/in monthly payments $36.33. Harleysville and CNA<br>also write PA pest endorcemnets but they have<br>a $500 min on commercial liability.<p>Get licensed so you will have the knowledge<br>and proper insurance to protect the general<br>public from yourself.
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    Thank-you Lawrence, I was hoping that you'd respond as I believe you are from the general area. If I am reading your post correctly, that $400 includes general liability, correct? <p>Thanks!<p>P.S. Like I did note, I am not and have not used any pesticides or herbicides as of yet. Although I'm sure the general public still needs to be protected from me. Thanks!
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    Canadian prices. <br> Core manual and 1 module $150.00<br> Each additional module $135.00<br> 2 day preparation course $120.00<br> Agriculture course and exam $65.00<br> Up to 2 rewrites $30.00<br>Plus $90 for Exterminator's Licence for 3 years. <br>Plus a $200 fee to the M.O.E. for an Operator Licence<br>My insurance is $350 for up to $5000 in receivables.<br> Yeah your right it is cheap...
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    does that ins....part of your basic liability,and where do you insure your equiptment(or is it all at the same place)and do you put your truck on your lawn insurance or do you just put it with the same as like wifes car??<p>Thankyou Scott

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